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Watch a Samurai Slice a 100-MPH Fastball in Half

Just in case the MLB postseason wasn’t already intense enough, a master swordsman steps up to take some cuts

After getting knocked out of the postseason by the lowly Chicago Cubs, we’re pretty sure St. Louis Cardinals fans are in desperate need of a little awesomeness today. And Isao Machii is here for you, Redbird Nation.

In case you haven’t seen one of his many videos that have gone viral, Machii is a 42-year-old Iaido master, which basically means he’s the expert of experts when it comes to being a real-life Fruit Ninja. He and his samurai sword own a number of Guinness World Records, such as the fastest 1,000 martial arts sword cuts and fastest tennis ball cut by a sword. He’s also sliced a BB Gun pellet in half and annihilated a fried shrimp whizzing towards him at the speed of 80 mph.

So, yeah, dude’s a cut above (sorry).

Now, looking to up the ante – or perhaps in honor of MLB’s postseason – Machii is back with a brand new stunt, one that perhaps replicates what it’s like to step into the batter’s box against a fireballer like Aroldis Chapman. Without a helmet, Machii sets up in front of a pitching machine and attempts to slice through a baseball flying his way at 100 mph. To no one’s surprise, he makes it look like a walk in the park.

Look, American Ninja Warrior is cool and all – where else do you get to watch dudes climb a 75-foot rope for $1 million? ­– but what Machii is doing is on another level. Someone, somewhere, get him his own show where he slices and dices whatever he wants, please.

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