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Is Roman Reigns Cheating: Can 2,500 Wrestling Fans be Wrong?

Fans say his vest ‘damages the integrity of the sport’

Roman Reigns Chest plate illegal

Roman Reigns has been accused of cheating by WWE fans who say his body armor is illegal.


The bad news for Roman Reigns continues. This past June, shortly after he lost the WWE World Heavyweight Championship title to Seth Rollins, Reigns was suspended by the WWE for violating the company’s talent wellness policy. Now, he’s the subject of a petition on to remove his “ILLEGAL vest during the course of WWE competition” that is well on its way to getting the 2,500 signatures it’s looking for.

It all started with user Taco12Pac posting a lengthy report on r/SquaredCircle – Reddit’s professional wrestling community – titled, “ROMAN REIGNS IS A DIRTY FUCKING CHEATER, AND I HAVE PROOF.” In the post, they used a clip of Kevin Owens punching Reigns to show how his body armor gives him an unfair advantage and even compared it to the equipment used by the Armed Forces. Because the vest “damages the integrity of the sport,” that prompted them to find a way to catch the attention of Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon – hence the petition.

“Roman Reigns has been systematically breaking the rules of Admiral-Lord Mountevans Unified Rules of Professional Wrestling through the use of illegal body armor to protect himself during the course of matches with legitimately dressed competitors, and has been doing so throughout his career,” the petition reads. “We require swift action that prohibits the use of this body armor in all future WWE contests by Mr. Reigns and anyone else.”

The other individuals the petition will be delivered to: Jack Tunney, Mike Foley, Francisco Aguilar, John McCain, Tony Cardenas, Elijah Cummings and Barack Obama. And seeing as they’re less than 300 supporters away from reaching their goal, they should all expect to see the petition on their desk next week.

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