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Floyd Mayweather Drops $10 Million on Jewelry, Because Life Isn’t Fair

The man called Money lives up to his nickname – and puts a pricey cap on an outrageous year – with his latest bank-busting purchase

Mayweather; Jewelry; 10 million

Floyd Mayweather, clutching a satchel presumably stuffed with cash.

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You didn’t think we’d be able to make it through the final days of 2015 without one last Floyd Mayweather story, did you?

After all, this year, the man they call “Money” fleeced America out of millions by slow-dancing with Manny Pacquiao for 12 rounds, feuded with Ronda Rousey, dropped $50,000 at a Miami strip club, sparred while holding stacks of $100 bills, bought the most expensive car in the world, had the club going up (to his condo) on a Monday, sang karaoke in Bora Bora with Justin Bieber and didn’t share any of his crystal cake.

Oh, and he also supposedly retired.

Now, he’s found a fitting way to cap off a year of excess and asinine behavior: By spending $10 million on jewelry. At least. Hey, it is the holiday season, after all.

According to TMZ – who went through the trouble of contacting Mayweather’s rep for this – one of his new pieces is a 50-carat pinky ring, which looks big enough to fit on someone’s first. (Seriously, just look at it). The second is a 74-diamond necklace, which is ridiculous in and of itself, until you learn that each of those diamonds is three carats. The final price tag for all those stones? Somewhere in the neighborhood of $10-15 million, according to Floyd’s folks.


shhhhh, keep quiet and be polite while the diamonds are talking. www.themoneyteam.com

A photo posted by Floyd Mayweather (@floydmayweather) on

Now that’s how you say Happy New Year. And with that, we bid adieu to Floyd until 2016 – his first full year as a retiree. And if you thought he went crazy this year, just wait until he doesn’t have to work at all. Something tells us he’ll find new and impressive ways to spend money like it’s going out of style. You know, just like pinky rings.

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