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Weinstein Company COO Fired After New York Attorney General Lawsuit

“The board of The Weinstein Company has unanimously voted to terminate David Glasser for cause,” board of directors announce


The Weinstein Company's board "unanimously voted" to fire the company's COO David Glasser following the New York Attorney General's lawsuit.

Michael Kovac/Wireimage

The Weinstein Company’s board of directors “unanimously voted” to fire the company’s chief operating officer David Glasser following the civil rights lawsuit levied against the company by the New York Attorney General.

“The board of The Weinstein Company has unanimously voted to terminate David Glasser for cause,” the Weinstein Company’s board of directors said in a brief statement, Deadline reports.

The firing comes after New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman criticized Glasser’s inactivity amid numerous complaints by the company’s female employees against disgraced producer and Weinstein Company co-founder Harvey Weinstein.

“The COO David Glasser, who supervised the human resources department, did not stop this discrimination, harassment and abuse, even though he was in charge of handling dozens of shocking complaints,” Schneiderman said after filing the lawsuit, which has held up the potential sale of the beleaguered film company.

The lawsuit itself alleged “On more than one occasion, upon forwarding a complaint or information about a complaint to [Glasser], the Human Resources Director was not involved in any investigation or resolution process. Based on documents obtained by the [Schneiderman] to date, such matters were handled by the COO and other members of TWC senior management, as well as counsel retained to contact victims of misconduct.”

According to Deadline, Glasser initially exited the Weinstein Company in June 2017 following a seven-year tenure as COO, but was persuaded to rejoin the company in that capacity just three months later.


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