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Best of TheWeedTube, So You Can Celebrate 4/20 Right

Weed ASMR? Yes, please.

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YouTube often plays host to the dark side of human behavior: over the past few years, the platform has scrambled to remove footage of mass shootings, violent children’s videos, and comments’ sections that attracted pedophiles. But if there’s one thing YouTube apparently really can’t stand, it’s videos of people smoking pot. The platform is notorious for cracking down on cannabis-themed content, because I guess there’s nothing more threatening than a video of someone giggling and eating an entire roast chicken before watching the full series run of Cheers on Netflix.

Fortunately for cannabis-oriented content creators, those exiled from YouTube can find a home at alternative platforms like TheWeedTube, which was founded in response to censorship on big tech platforms. Though ad-heavy and clearly in its nascent stages (the most-viewed video only has a little more than 55,000 views), If you are over the age of 21 or have a legal medical cannabis card, TheWeedTube provides an alternative community for cannabis-themed content creators. In honor of 4/20 and the launch of TheWeedTube‘s first iOS app, here’s a roundup of some highlights from the website, from cannabis-themed cooking videos to stomach-churning all-you-can-eat-edible challenges to just some mid-afternoon smoke seshes, maaaan.

Extreme Weed Eating 
A “mukbang” is a live video broadcast featuring people eating as much as they can, usually focusing on wildly unhealthy fried or sugary foods. WeedTuber koalapuffsss takes it to the next level in this clip, eating as many cannabis-infused edibles, from fruit roll-ups to mini cookies, as humanly possible. And as expected, she gets really freaking high.

Audible Relaxation
Weed and ASMR seem like natural companions: ASMR is all about unwinding and relaxing, and that’s, uh, what a ton of cannabis enthusiasts like to do. Which is why this weed ASMR video made by TheWeedTube cofounders Silenced Hippie and the Gay Stoner is a match made in content-creator heaven.

Stay Vigilant
Part of being a responsible stoner is being careful about what you smoke. We’ve reported extensively on the dangers of black-market vape cartridges, and content creator SimpliSick uses his channel to highlight the dangers of such products to encourage legalization and regulation on a federal level.

Get Done Up
It’s hard not to love a stoner drag queen makeup video, and this one featuring YouTuber Kimmy Tan and LaGanja Estranja, best known as a Season Six contestant on Ru Paul’s Drag Race, is pretty adorable.

Go Back to Weed’s DIY Roots
Despite the many, many avenues of sophisticated cannabis consumption currently available on the market, there’s something to be said for the nostalgic thrill of making a homemade bong out of a Sprite bottle or an apple core, and this 45-second clip will take you right back to being 14 and smoking for the first time in your friend’s grandma’s basement.

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