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Watch Tom Brady Muse About a Mouse in Bad Lip Reading’s 2015 NFL Roundup

Players (Cam Newton), coaches (Jason Garrett), referees and fans get the absurdist overdub treatment

Bad Lip Reading wins the Internet with each new mash-up of absurdist speech overdubs, but the 2015 NFL roundup could be its most hilarious clip to date. Players, coaches, referees and even fans are included in this year’s installment, which references everything from The Shining to Funyuns to Tom Brady’s bizarre relationship with a captured mouse. “You should see, we caught a mouse and then we kept it,” the New England Patriots quarterback says in the clip. “Could’ve cooked him, but no, we can’t crush it, so we got him a mouse cage.”

There are too many highlights to list, but it’s worth mentioning Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett’s excited sing-along (“Better get down, gonna dance good friend / Jigga jig jabba jabba!”) and a very specific tirade from Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh (“I could just throw a rock, and I’d aim it at your neck so you’d get two stitches”). Elsewhere, Cowboys defensive end George Selvie brags to his teammates about killing a snowman with a rake, and Houston Texans defensive star J.J. Watt notes his appreciation for the “round poops” of “Horace, the little mystery pig.”

The hands-down funniest moment comes courtesy of Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, who sets up a bizarre fairy tale during an interview. “Once there was this prince,” he says. “He came from, like, Syria, OK? He lived with some peaceful monkeys outside his aunt’s boyfriend’s cabin. It had an old sheepdog named Paco Sinbad.”

Bad Lip Reading, created and produced by an anonymous Texan, first exploded in 2011 with a take on Rebecca Black’s viral smash “Friday.” Since then, the Internet series has spoofed a range of targets, from The Walking Dead to President Obama. 

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