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Watch Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen in Creepy ‘Death Stranding’ Teasers

Iceland-based band Low Roar provide the haunting soundtrack that’s generated a slew of fan theories

In the world of video games there aren’t many celebrities, but there is Hideo Kojima. The Japanese game developer created the complex and critically loved Metal Gear Solid series, and now he’s working on a new project, Death Stranding. A chance encounter in an Icelandic record store led to Low Roar providing the signature sound for the game’s striking visual imagery. Think Mads Mikkelsen oozing, lots of tentacles, a naked Norman Reedus and director Guillermo del Toro running through puddles holding a fetus in a flask.

“In Death Stranding, ‘strand’ stands for strings and connections, and I felt a mysterious connection to that song that I found in that CD shop in Reykjavík two years ago,” Kojima tells Glixel.

The trailers were a huge hit with Kojima’s fans, and Low Roar frontman Ryan Karazija is still enjoying the connections fans are drawing between his music and the strange, dystopian world of the game.

“It’s funny, people are creating these – and I’m not going to see whether they’re true or not – but creating these theories about some of our songs and how they connect with the game,” says Karazija.

“Like playing our songs backwards, or both of them together, and hearing stuff go back and forth. Or certain things on the second album cover that they think ties in with Norman Reedus and how it kind of looks similar to the game. They found things in my hair, little symbols.”

Kojima and Low Roar are now collaborating to release a special edition Death Stranding 12-inch vinyl, and they have uploaded one of the songs, “Easy Way Out” to music sharing and collaboration platform Splice. 

“Ryan’s songs are sensual and the sounds he creates are unique,” says Kojima. “His goal isn’t to make money; he is about the art and shows a very original taste even in things like his album covers.”

You can read the full story on how Karazija and Kojima began their collaboration on Glixel.

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