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Watch Julianne Moore’s ‘Reject the NRA’ PSA With Emma Stone, Melissa McCarthy

Actresses urge individuals to send text messages to enact change

Julianne Moore‘s new #RejectTheNRA Public Service Announcement urges people to send a text message “REJECT” to the number 644-33 in order to enact anti-gun legislation in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting. The PSA includes Emma Stone, Bill Hader, Melissa McCarthy, Jack Antonoff, Moby, Natalie Morales and Sheryl Crow.

“The mass shooting in Las Vegas has all of us grieving, scared and angry,” says Emma Stone in the clip. According to the PSA, the text will then connect callers to the Creative Council for Everytown for Gun Safety, Moore’s nonprofit organization, which she founded in 2015. From there, callers will be connected to local lawmakers and given guidelines on what to say.

Moore told Vanity Fair the impetus for the organization started with the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings back in December 2012. She said she recognized that she needed to be proactive with her activism after her young daughter asked her about the killings.

“I just realized suddenly that I was just being irresponsible,” she said. “I was an irresponsible parent, and it wasn’t doing anything by trying to keep the news from her. It really bothered me. It really just stayed with me.”

Following the October 1st Vegas shootings, Moore said she and the other members of the creative council wanted to do something direct and meaningful to help prevent future incidents.

“I’m not saying I have an answer for anything, or that any of us has an answer,” she said. “But we do know what things will reduce violence. So why aren’t we implementing them?”


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