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Watch Cardi B Bump Jerry Seinfeld on Hilarious ‘Between Two Ferns’

Zach Galifianakis goads stand-up with egregious questions about Larry David, ‘Bee Movie’

Cardi B bumps Jerry Seinfeld during the latest installment of Zach Galifianakis‘ interview series Between Two Ferns.

Seinfeld starts as the episode’s only guest, though Galifianakis makes things contentious from the get-go, asking his off-camera producer why they couldn’t book a more relevant guest. “It’s like I Love the Nineties,” he cracks. “We might as well have Lorena Bobbitt as the guest.”

From there, Seinfeld sits awkwardly through questions about the post-Seinfeld careers of his former cast mates, the various talents of Larry David and Bee Movie‘s lack of critical acclaim (Seinfeld then fires back with a few barbs about the Hangover trilogy). For his most egregious stunt, Galifianakis welcomes surprise guest Wayne Knight – who played Jerry’s nemesis Newman on Seinfeld – in a failed attempt to lure Seinfeld into saying, “Hello, Newman.”

Cardi B arrives halfway through the interview, effectively bumping Seinfeld onto a milk crate situated to the right of the two ferns. Galifianakis lobs a few softball questions and even gifts the expecting mother a “Rap Fan” onesie for her baby (“I’m special,” she deadpans right in Seinfeld’s face). When Cardi B leaves moments later, she snubs Seinfeld with a hug, prompting the comedian to joke, “That was the opposite of what happened with Kesha.” 


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