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Tour America’s Premiere, High-End Sex Doll Factory

“The goal, the fantasy, is to bring her to life,” says RealDoll creator, Matt McMullen

The latest issue of Vanity Fair offers an examination of the present, and future, of high-end sex toys, specifically the RealDoll, “the Rolls-Royce of sex dolls.” Created by artist and entrepreneur Matt McMullen, the silicon-based RealDoll is startlingly realistic and retails for $5,000 or more.

A short video accompanies the article, traversing the uncanny valley of the dolls and touring the Abyss Creations factory outside of San Diego where the RealDoll is made. Yes, it’s creepy; yes, it’s definitely not safe for work.

McMullen created the RealDoll two decades ago as the first silicon sex doll with an accurate, fully articulated skeleton. The dolls have only grown more lifelike in the years since, and Abyss ships out as many as 10 per week. 

The RealDoll is made from a special blend of silicon that’s poured into a mold and then meticulously worked on, with workers adding nipples, pubic hair and a glued-on vagina. The dolls are then outfitted with a skullcap and face mold, which has been properly powdered and wig-ed.

As for the future of the RealDoll — specifically whether it will one day be possible to animate the doll and give her emotional intelligence — McMullen said, “The goal, the fantasy, is to bring her to life.”

George Gurley’s full article, “Dawn of the Sexbots,” appears in the May issue of Vanity Fair, which is currently available for download. For more information, please consult Ovid’s interpretation of the classic myth, “Pygmalion,” or John Hughes’ 1985 teen sci-fi romp, Weird Science.


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