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Top Toy: Headphones That Transform Into Portable Speakers

Passing pairs of headphones is neither a practical way to share music with friends nor a hygienic one. Zumreed’s X2 Hybrid cans, which also double as a pair of external speakers, happily make it much simpler (and less grody) to bring the noise. By rotating the unit’s cuffs and flipping a switch, the exterior of the headphones’ ear cups become outward facing speakers, letting you share your love of Yanni with fellow passengers on morning subway commutes. Available in May for $165, the dual-use audio device can keep pounding out the hits for four hours on a one-hour charge (or less, if aggravated bystanders rip them off and stomp them to pieces first). While external volume output doesn’t approach earthshaking levels, it’s a workable solution for letting others tune in without exchanging earwax.


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