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Todd Lynn’s London Fashion Week Playlist

Rock’s most powerful icons – everyone from Shirley Manson to PJ Harvey to Bono – love designer Todd Lynn’s very modern take on statement dressing. That he has dressed David Bowie and some of the shapeshifting musicians he grew up admiring is par for his course: as Rolling Stone learned last season, he is a man whose visual creativity is particularly tied to the music in his life.

“Music and film is what many live their lives through,” he says. “Music is the catalyst for me, not because I think of the musician, but because I think of the mood that I am put into when listening to a track. You can’t pinpoint the power of music, but I believe that clothing can have the same effect on us. I try to create that with my own clothing: that inexplicable feeling you get when you wear your most treasured pieces or listen to your favorite artist.  Lately, I’ve been listening to music that I feel is challenging on its artistic merits and incorporates a heavy emotional effect.”

Stream Todd Lynn’s Fall 2012 Runway show here:

Lynn presented his excellent Fall 2012 collection, “Kitsch,” yesterday at London Fashion Week, and continues to tweak the feeling of his own aesthetic, this time his strong suit, tailoring, encompassing new lace ideas and stunning shots of teal.  Leading up to the occasion, he created an inspiration playlist for us, explaining how each track elevates his senses. The list is also available to stream on Spotify here.

1. Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi – “Two Against One (Feat. Jack White)”
When I’m working in the studio, I need the greatest music always playing. Listening to Jack White lets me know that I’ve got one of the great modern blues-meets-punk artists on the collection.

2. Florence and the Machine – “What the Water Gave Me”
The haunting voice that is the incomparable Florence Welch. I love the rising intensity of the track and the tribal elements.

3. James Blake  – “To Care (Like You)”
I’ve been listening to this album for months now. Its sound is so inspiring, making me want to present the same feeling in my work.

4. PJ Harvey – “The Last Living Rose”
It’s amazing how different Polly can make every record sound, yet you still feel like you are listening to an old friend. These tracks just give off all-encompassing emotional vibes that give me energy to work and create the best of my ability.

5. Metronomy – “Everything Goes My Way”
When working on the last collection, I had this album as background music constantly. Easy, but not simple.

6. The Rapture  “How Deep Is Your Love?”
Not to be confused with the Bee Gees! I like voices that have a point of difference, with a uniqueness that you could listen to over and over.

7. The Vaccines  “A Lack of Understanding”
A simple track can have the best outcome. As with what I do, sometimes the simple things are the most complicated underneath, but they should look what I like to call “believable” and unforced.

8. Warpaint – “Undertow
My brother introduced me to this band almost a year ago. How I didn’t discover them earlier I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter. I’ve got them now!

9.  Wild Beasts  “Lion’s Share/Bed of Nails”
Hayden Thorpe’s amazing inspiring voice gets me every time. It lets my imagination wander.

10. Kasabian – “Re-wired”
Too slow for hip-hop; I can’t place where it belongs; it is grunge for now. Crazy new sound for an amazing band. This album is crazy great!

11. The Horrors – “Still Life”
These guys are genius. The new sound reminds me of Psychedelic Furs. Always a great track to end the day with even though it’s usually morning…


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