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The Everything Index: Brad and Matthew’s Bro Down, Terrifying Mascots

We rank the week’s 20 pop-culture power players … whether they like it or not

Macklemore, Brad Pitt, Peggy Olson

Macklemore, Brad Pitt, Peggy Olson

Jason Merritt/Getty Images; Ray Tamarra/GC Images; AMC

Welcome back to the Rolling Stone “Everything Index,” our weekly guide to pop-culture’s rule breakers, deal makers, movers and shakers.

The Everything Index: The Pop-Culture Power Rankings

Using advanced algorithms and a few coin flips, we’ve determined the Top 20 moments, memes and music that will define the next seven days. That means Peggy Olson, Preakness Bro, Paris Hilton and Jimmy Fallon’s pecs. Plus a celebrity bro-down for the ages. Here’s our fearless forecast of the week ahead. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got to hide from the new Lemonheads mascot.

1. Macklemore: Not anti-Semitic. Definitely pro-Ringo, however, which is equally troubling.

2. Brad and Matt’s Celebrity Beer Down: Brad Pitt chucks beers to neighbor Matthew McConaughey in totally random, not-at-all-staged photo op. All our neighbor ever throws at us is dog poop.

3. Peggy Olson: Mad Men‘s moral compass turns 30, has existential crisis, still manages to rein in Don. Also somehow succeeds in making Burger Chef look appetizing.

4. The Black Keys/Jack White Feud: Put on the back burner after Patrick Carney shifts the blame to TMZ. C’mon guys, have the Real Housewives taught you nothing?

5. Preakness Bro: He’s aggro. He’s articulate. He’s writing a book, bitch.

6. Solange: Presumably still salty. Last Week: #2

7. Chipotle’s Assault-Rifle Ban: Burrito depot kindly asks customers to leave guns at home. For those keeping score, that’s Chipotle 1, Congress 0.

8. Jimmy Fallon’s Pectorals: Co-starring with Terry Crews in a “nip sync” of “Ebony and Ivory.” Meanwhile, Conan O’Brien’s abs sadly resign themselves to four more years at TBS.

9. KimYe: Are they married yet? 

10. Ursula Parker: 10-year-old actress is currently stealing scenes on Louieand, after last night’s episode, now we know she can play the violin, too. Makes our cousin Maisy look like a lazy piece of shit.

11. Big Hero 6First images of Disney’s animated film fill us with joy, even if we still prefer the working title, Rob Kardashian.

12. The Curse of Chief Seattle: Once again, the former Seattle Supersonics (now Oklahoma City Thunder) suffer catastrophic playoff injury, putting championship dreams in doubt. Never fuck with Sealth.

13M.I.A.’s “Double Bubble Trouble” Video: You’ll never believe it, but it’s shocking!

14. Open Relationships: Dude’s polyamorous plan backfires when his GF starts getting more action than him. He decries it to be “way unfair,” looks for an out while all of Internet laughs. Like Seinfeld 2000, only actually funny.

15. Lemonheads: Evan Dando’s favorite candy gets a nightmare-inducing makeover, complete with new mascot who looks like he’s got Hydrocephalus. Kill it before it breeds!

16. The West Antarctic Ice Sheet: Still dooming us all. Last Week: #11 

17. Paris Hilton: America’s foremost heiress/Cash Money employee reportedly leaves Justin Bieber’s house party because it “was lame.” Duh, Justin’s only 20, he can’t even buy beer yet.

18. Ryan Gosling’s Lost RiverThe Gos’s directorial debut alternately praised, slammed at Cannes. One critic called it a “crapocalypse,” which we always thought was the tagline for the new Transformers flick. 

19. Gravity: Still undefeated. Its latest victim: One unlucky baseball fan in Cleveland, who channels his inner Marcia Brady after getting clocked in the nose by a wayward ball

20. Tom Petty Playing Fenway Park: Can he also be Boston’s new centerfielder?

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