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Texting While Driving Rampant Among Drivers Under 30

Texting while driving remains a widespread epidemic among young adults, according to a Consumer Reports and U.S. Department of Transportation study, which finds that one-third can’t resist chatting up BFFs from behind the wheel.

A whopping 30 percent of survey respondents under 30 years of age reported having texted while driving in the past 30 days, and 63 percent reported having talked on a cell phone while operating a vehicle during the same time frame. Compared with 9 percent and 41 percent figures, respectively, for respondents age 30 and up, these findings point toward a greater lack of awareness of, or actual disdain for, the dangers of distracted driving among the younger set.

What’s worse is that, according to respondents, more than nine out of ten people on the road have observed fellow motorists talking on smartphones while driving, and over half have witnessed dangerous situations caused by distracted drivers during a similar period. Many states have recently implemented countermeasures such as fines, license revocation and jail time to offset the use of mobile phones in vehicles, but penalties alone appear to be an insufficient deterrent.




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