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Storage Service MyMusicCloud Plays Nice Among Different Brands and Devices



Courtesy MyMusicCloud

Dozens of cloud music services from Apple, Amazon, Google and others promise to make streaming songs on-demand to mobile gadgets commonplace, but don’t often play nicely among different devices and operating systems. Billed as a universal solution, TriPlay’s new option MyMusicCloud claims to work with any gizmo, and allow synchronization and playback across computers, tablet PCs and smartphones of all makes and models. Accessible online from the company’s website, or free via iOS, Ovi, Android or BlackBerry apps, the software also allows offline music listening, so you can rock out sans an active Internet connection.

Compatible with numerous gadgets and software programs, including WinAmp, iTunes and Windows Media Player, users are invited to upload their digital collection online, which is populated universally across a full range of high-tech consumer electronics. Once stored on remote servers, songs are quickly replicable across multiple handsets and slate computers, letting you mix and match Nokia smartphones or iPads as your household situation dictates. The service also allows users to create playlists and portable queues, so you can pause tracks on your desktop then resume where you left off on your Droid while catching the subway to work.

Offering 2GB of free storage, upgradeable to 5GB for $10 annually, MyMusicCloud will further double as an online storefront. Users can buy songs for $0.19 and up, or purchase entire albums from the likes of David Bowie and Sufjan Stevens at prices around $7.99-$9.99, all ready for warehousing in their virtual locker. Claiming over 11 million songs in its catalogue, the service also offers ancillary features including automatic conversion of tunes into ringtones, sharing of CD cover images on Facebook and options to access song lyrics on-demand.

Letting you archive and tap into your existing music collection or purchase more tracks for streaming or casual playback on-demand, regardless of preferred device or OS, convenience is the clear innovation here. As with earlier attempts at providing more open cloud music connectivity, it underscores the point that, despite manufacturers’ objections, there’s ample room for competing platforms and services to make sweet harmony together, voluntarily or otherwise.


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