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Simon Cowell Unveils New Line of High-End Headphones

X Headphones to be featured throughout this season of X Factor’

X Headphones

X Headphones

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Simon Cowell is positioning himself to take on Dr. Dre with a new line of high-end headphones the X Factor creator and judge says are “better than what is in the market today,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Cowell’s X Headphones, which he developed with Sony, will be featured throughout this season of X Factor as the show’s headphones partner. At $299, they’re priced to compete with Beats by Dre, the headphones Dr. Dre designed for Beats Electronic. Over the past six years, Beats By Dre have locked up a 30 percent share of the premium headphones market and helped the MC and producer top a recent Forbes list of the wealthiest rappers in music. Cowell was undeterred.

“I simply wanted something better than what is in the market today,” Cowell said in a statement. “I’ve tried all of them, literally every single one. Sony and I set out to create the best headphone in the world. We are absolutely blown away by these. With the X headphones, it’s like being in the recording studio when the records are made. The sound is that clear.”

Cowell’s Syco Entertainment (a joint venture with Sony Music Entertainment) will distribute the headphones in conjunction with Sony.

The second season of X Factor premieres Wednesday on Fox.

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