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Sebastian Bach, Jermaine Jackson to Compete for Nashville Fame on “Gone Country 2”

Next week marks a very special occasion for us at Rock Daily: the season premiere of CMT’s Gone Country 2. On the reality series, John McCain fan John Rich of Big & Rich invites a bunch of very non-country B-list celebrities to his Nashville mansion to try and convert them into marketable country stars. Last season ended with Julio Iglesias Jr.’s stunning victory over favorites Bobby Brown and American Idol‘s Diana DeGarmo. Leading the charge for this season’s cast is Sebastian Bach, who crossed genres brilliantly on MTV’s Celebrity Rap Superstar and stands as the early favorite. Also ready to rock a cowboy hat are Chris Kirkpatrick of ‘NSYNC (and VH1’s Man Band), Jermaine Jackson and this season’s prerequisite American Idol reject, Mikalah Gordon. Rounding out the cast is actors Lorenzo Lamas (who you’ll recognize from those terrible action movies HBO airs at roughly 3:15 in the morning) and recently rehabbed Sean Young of Blade Runner and Ace Ventura “Finkle is Einhorn” fame. The season two premiere will air next Friday, August 15th, at 8 pm.


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