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Norm Macdonald Explains #MeToo Comments During Awkward ‘View’ Interview

Comedian attempts to clarify controversial remarks about harassment victims

Norm Macdonald once again attempted to explain his controversial remarks about the #MeToo movement during an awkward appearance on The View Thursday. The comedian drew criticism for his comments in a recent Hollywood Reporter interview where he said he was “happy the #MeToo movement has slowed down a bit.”

He also expressed concern that Louis C.K. had lost “everything in a day” after admitting he was guilty of sexual misconduct, and suggested that C.K.’s “victims didn’t have to go through [losing everything in a day].”

On The Howard Stern show Wednesday, Macdonald suggested the interviewer took his comments out of context. He tried to clarify his remarks about victims, saying, “I said the victims went through worse [than Louis C.K.] but it wasn’t the same [as what he went through]. You’d have to have Down Syndrome to not feel sorry for [the victims of sexual misconduct].” (Macdonald’s use of Down Syndrome set off its own controversy as well.)

During his appearance on The View, Macdonald again suggested the Hollywood Reporter journalist muddled his responses – “They ask the questions and they put them all together” – and missed the point about his #MeToo comments.

“What I was talking about was Chris Hardwick, a particular comedian, a friend of mine,” Macdonald said. “You know, if 500 women go against a man, obviously the guy is guilty. But the Chris Hardwick one, it was one woman against one man. So I was saying that I thought it was good that the pendulum was slowing and Chris Hardwick is as rehabilitated as he’s going to get – he still tells me he can’t walk down the street without people yelling stuff at him. But, that’s all I was trying to say.”

Macdonald said his comments about victims were also taken out of context. He said that during his Hollywood Reporter interview he was discussing a phone call he had with Roseanne Barr after ABC cancelled her show over her racist Twitter posts. Macdonald said that he told Barr he couldn’t really talk to her about the controversy because he hadn’t gone through anything like it, but he suggested that Louis C.K. might be a good person to talk with since he’d been through something similar.

“And then the [journalist] said, ‘what about the victim,’ and I said, well the victims haven’t gone through this,” Macdonald said on The View. “I was talking about this particular event. Of course the victims have gone through worse than that, but – I’m gonna get a victim to call Roseanne?”

Elsewhere in the interview, Macdonald apologized for using “Down Syndrome” as a stand-in for another word “we don’t say anymore” (meaning “retard” or “retarded”), admitting, “I realized in that moment that I’d done something unforgivable.” He also spoke about political correctness and comedy, and briefly mentioned his upcoming Netflix show, Norm Macdonald Has a Show.

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