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MTV Movie Awards Reunites Wayne and Garth, Features First TV Performance of New Coldplay Single

The MTV Movie Awards broadcast last night live from Los Angeles. It’s hard to take seriously an awards show that honors Transformers as Best Movie, hands Adam Sandler a lifetime achievement award and has categories like Best Summer Movie So Far, but the show still had some highlights, including Coldplay’s debut TV performance of new single “Viva La Vida” (hit the jump for video), lots of Robert Downey Jr., the incredibly awkward moment where Diddy, Lindsay Lohan and Verne Troyer had to present an award together and, most notably, former RS cover stars Mike Myers and Dana Carvey reuniting for a “Wayne’s World” segment for the first time in 14 years (watch the video above.) Other than that, it was a night of self-promotion and eye-rolling results, as everyone knows Alien vs. Predator: Requiem should have beaten Never Back Down in the Best Fight category.

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