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Mick Jagger on Clothes That Have Helped Him Shape Shift Over the Years

Rock star discusses on-and-off-stage style in advance of London gallery exhibit of the Rolling Stones’ wardrobe

Mick Jagger

"The costume helps you be the performer, but it also helps you keep your feet on the ground when you take it off," Mick Jagger explains about his outfits.

Brian Rasic/Getty

For the spring/summer edition of the biannual culture and fashion magazine Another Man, the publication will celebrate not only rock & roll but the fashion and influence of Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones specifically. The issue — which features five unique covers — also includes a 40-page spread showcasing Rolling Stones memorabilia and iconic outfits that will be on display at the Saatchi Gallery in London’s exhibit, Exhibitionism: The Rolling Stones, April 5th through September 4th.

Another Man‘s cover stars include two of Mick Jagger’s kids, Georgia May and Gabriel, U.K. band Yak’s frontman Oli Burslem, Primal Scream‘s Bobby Gillespie and his son Wolf Gillespie. More special guests star in the spread within the magazine, which highlights the Rolling Stones’ unique fashion from over the years. Mick Jagger also gave an exclusive interview about his style.

Mick Jagger; Wardrobe

“When you’re not on stage anymore, you can shed the persona, and you can relax and calm down and be yourself,” he says of the differences in his on-and-off-stage fashion sense. “The costume helps you be the performer, but it also helps you keep your feet on the ground when you take it off.”

For many of Jagger’s looks, he would find practical ways of approaching them given the performance settings, stating “On a big stage, you’ve got lots of surfaces. You’ve got wood and you’ve got metal, and you’ve got stairs, lots of stuff to negotiate, and sometimes it’s a bit wet and slippery. Shoes are a very practical thing. I’m always trying to find sneakers that are going to give you support so you don’t twist your ankle.”

Georgia May Jagger

The rock star also offered insight into some of his most iconic looks, like the skintight, sequin jumpsuit he sported in the Sixties. “With the Ossie Clark jumpsuit, it was like I had almost nothing on,” he recalls. “It was really sexy and clingy, but it was very easy to move in. And Ossie made me offstage jumpsuits so I could wear them when I was travelling with [former wife] Bianca. We would both wear Ossie one-pieces when we were in the airport.”

If he’s critical of anything, it’s that people don’t have much fashion fun these days, stating: “People just don’t dress up like they used to… When people went to the theater, everyone dressed up. I don’t really miss that. But do you  like going to the theater and seeing a bloke with not very nice legs in shorts and flip-flops?”


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