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Metallica’s “Death Magnetic” Playable on “Guitar Hero III” Same Day of Album Release

Rock Band 2 may have secured a new Guns n’ Roses song, but Guitar Hero III has acquired an entire album: Metallica’s Death Magnetic. Though the band still hasn’t named an exact release date, Metallica announced on their Website that the day their new album comes out in September, “you’ll be able to download every song from the album for Guitar Hero III!” The band also promises that Death Magnetic will be ready to go once Guitar Hero: World Tour hits the streets in the fall as well, allowing fans to drum, sing and thrash along. “We are so psyched that we’ll be the first out of the gate with this simultaneous release … who knows, maybe a few years from now this will be the norm when your favorite band’s new record comes out,” the band said. While Rock Band 2 is trying to draw new gamers across the board with their wide-ranging track list, Guitar Hero has locked up the Metallica bloc — a full-scale Guitar Hero title featuring Metallica songs (in the style of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith) is expected some time next year.


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