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Madonna’s Daughter Shares Fashion Tips Upon Launch of Her Makeup Line

Among what she’s learned: Don’t wear white and boots are best

lola ciccone

Lola Ciccone


Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes (more commonly known as “Lola”) is  — aside from being the most self-possessed and innately stylish 14-year-old on Earth  — already a brand unto herself. This week, as she launches a makeup line as an extension of her already popular Material Girl line for Macy’s, she shared a few words of wisdom with the Associated Press on what she’s learned about style from her mom, her peers, what she’s doing next — and what she definitely won’t be doing again. Turns out, she holds rather strong opinions on everything from the color white to the appropriate attenuating boot. But would Madge have it any other way?

Among Lola’s pearls of style wisdom:

Don’t wear white.
“I learned a lot of things that I shouldn’t wear or do. Like, don’t wear white to school, because then stuff gets dirty really fast.”

Say no to boho.
“I used to do this a lot, but the hippie bands around your head are very out. Don’t ever wear that again.”

Less is less.
“I am all for crop tops, but I don’t like it when people wear crop tops that are excessively cropped. Really, don’t be a skank with your crop top.”

Stand tall.
“I think boots are always a ‘go-to,’ no matter what you are wearing, but you always have to make sure they don’t cut off your leg because that is not right. When you are wearing heels, it is more comfortable to walk in platforms. Platforms always look good and they are more comfortable to wear and they make you look way taller.”

Daughter knows best.
“Everyday, [my mom] will be like, ‘Lola, you can’t wear that.’ And I will be like, ‘Mom, you can’t wear that.’ A lot of the time we don’t listen to each other, but sometimes we do. [With Material Girl’s direction] I have to tell her, ‘Mom, it is the in thing. This is what kids are doing now. If you don’t do this, then it is going to suck.’ And then she usually gives in.”

That said, Mom’s closet still prevails.
“It’s huge. I am always in there and if no one knows where I am in the house, it is usually my mom’s closet and I am usually taking something without asking her. She gets mad at me.”

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