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Madonna and Lourdes Search for the Ultimate Material Girl

Lourdes Leon and Madonna

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While the music corner of the internet blows up with rumors surrounding Madonna’s new single, tentatively called “Give Me All Your Love,” the singer has been busy playfully quibbling with her daughter, Lourdes. At stake? Their joint clothing line, Material Girl, for which they’re launching a major model search. This week, a humorous viral video featuring the pop icon and her daughter appeared on the label’s site in which the mother and daughter wonder who their next “lucky star” will be. With a hefty prize at stake – the winner will be the face of Material Girl in stores, online, in print ads and on a Times Square Billboard – the duo needed to hammer out what, exactly, they’re looking for.

There’s a lot of discussion about the significance of the line’s name, Material Girl. “I’m not sure people understand irony in this day and age,” Madge quips to Lourdes, who eats a fruit salad, looking bored. They’re both stationed in the singer’s dressing room. “I can’t live that name [“Material Girl”] down now; people think I’m a superficial person and I’m not,” she continues, as a stylist delicately tends to her blonde tresses. “I love horses, I love flowers – not hydrangeas – but I love nature, trees, animals…well, not all animals.” At which point Lourdes demonstrates a perfectly droll adolescent eye roll.

After bickering over the perils of eating fruit while wearing a corset, the two drift back onto topic. What qualities will their almighty Material Girl possess? How specific should they be? Lourdes drifts into abstraction, clearly to annoy her mother: “You know…the girl and the hair and the clothes…” Right on cue, Madonna makes it clear she’s less than impressed with her daughter’s nonplussed attitude, accusing her of not taking matters seriously, a mot Lourdes quickly counters.

Finally, Madge perfects the imperfect pitch: “We’re looking for a woman-girl-female-child who embodies a certain je ne sais quoi, a certain spirit, energy, attitude. Cares but doesn’t care. Material but immaterial. Likes to shop but also cares about, um, feelings.”

“There’s no one like that,” retorts Lourdes knowingly.

“I’m like that!” Madonna claims.

“It’s debatable,” Lourdes smirks, leading her mother to send her off to do her homework. Dismissed.

Watch Madonna and Lourdes contemplate their ultimate “Material Girl”:

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