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Kimberly Guilfoyle: Don Jr.’s Girlfriend Reportedly Forced Out of Fox News

The former host allegedly left amid accusations of sexual misconduct and “emotionally abusive” behavior

Kimberly GuilfoyleProperty showroom's celebration of NYC Design Week, New York, USA - 18 May 2018Kimberly GuilfoyleProperty showroom's celebration of NYC Design Week, New York, USA - 18 May 2018

Kimberly Guilfoyle recently left Fox News to join a pro-Trump super PAC.

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Last week, Fox News announced that host Kimberly Guilfoyle would be leaving the network after more than 11 years to head up a pro-Donald Trump super PAC. The network framed Guilfoyle’s departure as her decision, and as Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend, there had long been rumors that she would eventually be involved with Trump administration in some capacity. But according to Huffington Post, Guilfoyle is not leaving voluntarily; following a human-resources investigation into allegations of inappropriate behavior including sexual misconduct by Guilfoyle, the network decided her time was up.  

Huffington Post’s reporting is based, in part, on interviews with 21 anonymous sources within Fox News and 21st Century Fox over the last year. They say that Fox News decided to part ways with Guilfoyle over allegations that she showed colleagues pictures of male genitalia (and identifying the men photographed), and regularly discussing sexual matters at work. Vanity Fair and The Daily Beast had previously reported that Guilfoyle misused network makeup artists for personal outings, but Huffington Post’s sources also say she’s accused of “emotionally abusive” behavior towards support staff at the network, including hair and makeup artists.

Fox News’s HR investigation into Guilfoyle’s conduct began last year, as did Huffington Post’s reporting; according to their sources, Guilfoyle was warned numerous times about her behavior. Fox ultimately decided to part ways with the longtime co-anchor of The Five in the manner favored by the network, and other corporate giants looking to unload problematic high-ranking employees — instead of firing her, they gave her time to find another job so she could leave “voluntarily.” Sources told Huffington Post that Guilfoyle didn’t take the news well, and tried repeatedly to delay her departure (set for this month) while also appealing to 21st Century Fox executive chairman Rupert Murdoch to allow her to stay. It apparently didn’t work.

Guilfoyle’s attorney John Singer did not answer Huffington Post’s specific questions, but he did issue a statement that denies the allegations.

“Any accusations of Kimberly engaging in inappropriate workplace conduct are unequivocally baseless and have been viciously made by disgruntled and self-interested employees,” Singer wrote in an email to Huffington Post. “During her lengthy and decorated tenure with the company, Kimberly was beloved, well-respected, and supportive of anyone she ever met. It’s utterly preposterous that there are those who are nefariously and greedily twisting innocent conversations amongst close friends into much more than what it actually was for financial gain. Kimberly has happily moved onto the next chapter of her life and hopes others will do the same.”

Singer’s reference to “innocent conversations amongst close friends” leaves many questions unanswered, including one that is better off staying that way — did any of Guilfoyle’s alleged dick pics pertain to Don Jr.?

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