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Kim Kardashian on Whether She Is a Role Model

“Probably the number one thing fans say to me is, ‘Will you adopt me?'”

Our cover star, Kim Kardashian, is one of the most controversial figures in America, a human talking point for arguments about fame, beauty standards and the still-evolving world of online selfies. The entrepreneur has been accused of being as a bad influence by MMA fighter Ronda Rousey, South Park‘s Wendy Testaburger and even President Barack Obama. But, if you are also part of that camp, don’t fret: She doesn’t consider herself a role model either.

“In a certain way, I would never say I think I’m a role model or anything like that,” she says, “but you know I live my life the way that I live it and I just try to be a good person. And I don’t try to look to be a role model for people. I think it’s a lot of pressure. If they think of me that way I’m so honored and so appreciative and I do what I can to be one, I guess.”

Still it’s hard not to see that Kim affecting the world in a lot of positive ways. Demi Lovato loves the Kardashians because she says they “really helped make curvy bodies beautiful again.” Kim’s vocal support of Caitlyn Jenner will go a long way for transgender acceptance in America. And her willingness to share her life on TV and the Internet is just the modern variant of confessional lyrics or a juicy memoir.

“Probably the number one thing fans say to me is, ‘Will you adopt me?'” she says with a laugh. “I get really sweet, endearing things all the time and I really do love to share my world and I love to be open and hope that maybe my story can help someone else.”


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