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Kids React to Walkman Technology With Shock and Horror

TheFineBros present children with the antiquated music device in latest Youtube video

For most adults in the year 2014, the age before iPhones and Shazam and Spotify conjures a warm glow of nostalgia. For most elementary schoolers, it sounds like a time of cruel and unusual punishment. In their latest installment of their “Kids React” Youtube series, TheFineBros assemble their gang of youngsters and present them with a strange relic, the Walkman, and let the cameras roll for their hilarious responses.

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Upon first encountering the unorthodox object, 9-year-old Krischelle first thinks it’s a phone, smiling with excitement. Then she realizes her mistake: “Oh, what is this thing?” Meanwhile, 11-year-old Jayka takes the device and starts pressing random buttons – probably hoping that Siri will tell her where the appropriate start-up app is located. Another excellent reaction comes from 13-year-old Derek, who fumbles the Walkman like a Rubik’s cube. 

The interviewers ask the children a series of questions, starting with the obvious: When prompted to guess what the antiquated music player might be, the kids suggest a “walkie-talkie” and a “boombox.” (“Are these like in the movies?” asks Krischelle.) From there, they’re asked to make the device work, leading to a series of puzzled attempts at inserting a cassette. Elsewhere, the kids are horrified by Eighties headphones, the idea of jogging with such a clunky object (appropriate only with “a large pocket”) and the general concepts of rewind and fast-forward. 

“I could not imagine living in your guys’ days with this,” says one shocked child, examining the Walkman as if it were a dinosaur egg. The times, they are a changin’. 


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