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Hear ‘SNL”s Pete Davidson, Chris Redd Turn Drake Song into Trump Parody

‘God’s Plan’ spoof covers Stormy Daniels, gun-toting teachers, North Korea, white supremacists

Hear 'SNL''s Pete Davidson, Chris Redd Taunt Trump on Drake Parody

'SNL' cast members Pete Davidson and Chris Redd mock President Trump on "Don's Plan," a parody of the Drake hit "God's Plan."

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Saturday Night Live cast members Pete Davidson and Chris Redd mock President Trump on “Don’s Plan,” their hilarious parody of Drake‘s Number One single “God’s Plan.” The comedians touch on the commander-in-chief’s proposal for arming teachers with guns, support from white supremacists and alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels, among other subjects.

“Keeping calm while tweeting is a struggle for me/ Tell Stormy she can pee and cuddle with me,” Davidson and Redd rhyme in unison over the original’s booming bass and whirring synths. “Steppin’ out my plane as the wind hits my weave/ My ties with the NRA stay deep/ Try to bring the country back to 2003.”

The punchlines arrive in swift succession, from Trump’s poor approval ratings and tenuous relationship with North Korea. “I know blacks and immigrants hate me/ But I’m stuntin’ on you bitches while the world watches me,” they rap. “Don’s plan, Don’s plan/ Say I’ll do it, then I don’t/ I drink seven Diet Cokes/ Kim Jong-un’s a ho/ Shout out to GOP/ Oprah ain’t got shit on me/ All my torches are tiki.”

After referencing Robert Mueller’s ongoing Russia investigation via Trump’s common refrain of “No collusion,” they veer into some sharp critiques: “You know me/ I strap up every teacher with an Uzi/ I never read a briefing that you show me/ Without white supremacy, there’s no me.”


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