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A Pack of Feral Hogs Sniffed Out a Cocaine Stash in Italy

Animals destroyed stockpile of drugs buried in Tuscan forest worth approximately $22,000

Eurasian Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) two young, resting on soil, ItalyNatureEurasian Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) two young, resting on soil, ItalyNature

A pack of feral hogs reportedly dug up and destroyed a stash of cocaine in Italy worth about $22,000.

FLPA/Fabio Pupin/Shutterstock

A pack of feral hogs in Italy sniffed out, dug up, and destroyed a stash of cocaine buried in a forest in eastern Tuscany, the Italian edition of The Local reports.

The stash was reportedly worth €20,000 (about $22,000) and had been left in a forest near the town of Montepulciano by a group of suspected drug traffickers. While listening to wiretaps of the suspects, authorities heard them complaining about how wild hogs had unearthed the cocaine and scattered it around the forest.

Newsweek noted that the investigation into the drug traffickers began last year after a 21-year-old Albanian woman was murdered. Eventually, law enforcement uncovered a drug trafficking network that covered several provinces in central Italy. The traffickers reportedly moved about four pounds of cocaine a month, earning between $90 to $120 per gram.

It’s unclear how many feral hogs took part in the inadvertent coke bust (one can only hope it was between 30 and 50), nor is it known how exactly the animals, with their prominent snouts, reacted to the drugs.

As The Guardian recently noted, feral hogs are an increasing nuisance in Italy, destroying farmland, attacking people and causing thousands of car accidents a year (13 people were reportedly killed in collisions with the hogs between January and September). The problem has gotten so bad that, earlier this month, farmers from across Italy ventured to Rome, demanding the government take action against the feral hog scourge (fingers crossed no one asks that guy in Jason Isbell’s mentions for his advice).

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