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Deuces Wild: Man With Two Penises Talks Pop Culture Spoofs, New Book

With a new collection of erotic stories called ‘Double Stuffed’ out, Diphallic Dude talks about how ‘2 Broke Girls’ got him down, his new outlook on safe sex and more

Dual Penis ManDual Penis Man

The man with two penises, Diphallic Dude, discusses his new book 'Double Stuffed' and how disappointing it was to be spoofed on '2 Broke Girls'

Two years have passed since a man took to Reddit for a round of show and tell in which he revealed that he was born with two penises. Almost immediately, he became inundated with questions about his life. The experience led the man, who goes by the pseudonym “Diphallic Dude,” to write an enthralling e-memoir, 2014’s Double Header: My Life With Two Penises, in which he detailed his life’s exploits, from discovering he was bisexual to delving into hardcore sex. Now, and perhaps appropriately, he’s written a second book to keep the first company.

The new book, Double Stuffed: Steamy Tales From My Life With Two Penises, comprises just what the title promises: explicit stories about his rendezvouses with men and women. “The biggest complaint I got about the first book was that it was too short and didn’t include enough sex,” the Dude tells Rolling Stone. He rectifies that with wild, graphic stories about meeting people at comic book conventions, the gym, an airplane and a car wash, among other locales.

For as much sex as he has, though, he says his condition keeps him from dating online. Nevertheless, he still gets a lot of encouragement from people on the Internet who’ve never even seen his face. “The weirdest thing for me is having people tell me online how sexy I am,” he says. “I can’t even begin to grasp it because they’ve only seen my body. The women say my personality really is attractive. The men say my body and attitude are really attractive.”

With the release of his new book, Diphallic Dude gamely fielded Rolling Stone’s questions about how his life has changed with anonymous fame and how he’s on the cusp of becoming a mainstream, pop-culture phenomenon.

It’s been two years since you told your story on Reddit and one since your last book. How many people do you sleep with recognize you from your online fame?
It has happened a number of times. It rarely happens that they specifically remember my AMA on Reddit. Usually it’s that they heard about me, saw a photo or read an article. It’s less frequent the longer it’s been since I was in the news.

I actually met someone who read your write-up on me here in Rolling Stone and the way they discussed me, without knowing they were talking to me, I decided I wasn’t going to take them up on their obvious interest in getting to know me better. I could tell they were going to be the kind of person who would exploit a sexual encounter with me as much as they could. It’s kind of amusing when it happens, finding out just how someone heard about me.

What is your favorite story in the new book and why?
If I had to choose from the current book, I would say that it’s a tie between the adorable hitchhiker in “Roadside Attractions” and the girl I met that worked at the comic book store in “Comic Cutie.” Both of them were extremely sexual, extremely open-minded and each was extremely proud of their sexual appetites and the capabilities of their bodies.

This might be too graphic, but both of them were capable of mind-blowing prolapses. Seeing the girl push her elongated cervix so far out of her body before her entire vagina turned inside out blew my mind. Just as the guy, who had just turned 20 years old when I met him, had an anal prolapse bigger than any I’d ever seen before. Just seeing them in daily life you’d never suspect what they could do or how proud of their ability they were. I loved it.

“If you want to know why I won’t reveal my identity, just watch that episode of ‘2 Broke Girls.'”

You wrote in your new book that no one has revealed your identity to the world because you won’t let them take nude photos of you. Have you ever caught anyone sneaking one while you were sleeping or looking away?
I’ve had a few people try to get their phones out to take a photo. Most times they are too shocked by what they are seeing to try to get a photo. Also, if I’m naked, it’s not out in public and most times it’s one on one, maybe more depending on the situation. Usually, I just tell them that it’s not happening. Thankfully, I’ve only encountered people who were willing to respect my privacy or we were in a situation, environment or setting that taking photos just wasn’t possible.

2 Broke Girls recently did an episode about one of the women dating a man with two penises. What did you think of it?
At first, I laughed as I watched. I was sitting there laughing and feeling so connected to the episode. One of the two broke girls found out her boyfriend had two penises. He made it clear it was something he was reserved about. They finally had sex — she had been complaining about him dodging her advances earlier — and the next day she told everyone he had two penises. What followed was round after round of jokes about him. Then he walked in, and they continued to make jokes about him — in front of him! He ended their relationship because she betrayed his trust. To top it off, everyone began making snide jokes about him again and pretty much acted as if he was in the wrong for breaking up with her.

As the episode played out, I felt like I was really connecting with the situation. It was like a day in my life. It wasn’t until the episode was over with that I started feeling really crummy about it. I realized that the reason I connected with it is because everything that happened in the episode was pretty much a rip-off of most of the things I’ve posted on Reddit, Tumblr and Twitter. The next day I was on the line with my attorney regarding something unrelated when I told her what I’d seen and she admitted she’d seen it too and it was obvious that the writers had been stalking my social media.

It hurt. The fact that they turned the guy into a joke really got on my nerves. Then they cast judgment on him for breaking off his relationship with the girl because she betrayed his trust. Then they make fun of him. It was like, “Wow, the writers on the show are assholes.” If you want to know why I won’t reveal my identity, just watch that episode and imagine you are me. Believe me, after Reddit, I’ve heard every damn joke you can imagine. Watching it play out on a screen was more than enough.

Dual Penis Man

You’re adapting your adult stories into comic-book form. Will they be true life or will you make yourself into a superhero?
Back after my first book did so well, I had a number of fans and readers ask me to consider a graphic novel or a comic series. I’d already been a fan of Patrick Fillion who founded Class Comics and knew that if my online alias “DoubleDickDude” was to be done justice, it’d have to be graphically. I reached out to them just before the end of 2015 and I’m thrilled to announce that they’re interested in seeing what we can put together. I’m not sure if “DoubleDickDude” will be a superhero or if the series will be simply comic format of some of my real life adventures. That’s up to the creative forces combined between us. Either way, it’s going to be interesting.

How else do you hope to tell your story? Have you been approached for your movie rights (or porn rights)?
Right now, I’m sticking with the eBooks. They’re easy to produce and doesn’t require a lot of middle-men to be involved. As for porn? I was approached by Vivid Entertainment to produce a porno back in 2015. It was flattering, but starring in porn isn’t my thing. As for movie rights? Not yet.

Who would play you in a movie?
That’s a tough question! My answer would be split in three directions: 1) I’d want it to be someone attractive. 2) He should probably look similar to me. 3) It would need to be a leading male with name recognition, right?

All of those make it impossible for me to figure out who I’d want to play me. If you could combine Chris Hemsworth from Vacation with Jared Leto from his My So-Called Life years, that would possibly cover one aspect. I think they are both sexier than I am though. Really, I think for a movie it would require a fantastic writer and director who understood me, the “me” that I am inside; then a great, gorgeous guy who could pull off the physical aspect — and a very savvy special effects makeup team!

In your new book, you graphically describe your love of receiving fisting. You also wrote, “I can turn my ass inside out if I flex and push moderately.” Is your doctor worried for you?
My doctor is very aware of the condition of my ass and isn’t thrilled about it, to say the least. At this point in my life, it does turn inside out occasionally when I sneeze, cough or get overzealous in the gym doing squats. However, it immediately pulls back inside my body. I have been told that, in a few years, I will very likely need corrective surgery or face more difficult complications.

I can assure you that it does not hurt at all, even the slightest. It’s something that has developed over a number of years. It didn’t happen overnight — that definitely would hurt! For the record, I have full control over my bowels. That’s a very popular, albeit impolite, question I get frequently.

Following up on our interview from last year, have your thoughts on safe sex changed? Have you started using condoms?
I caught a lot of grief from people about that! The truth is, I wear them but only every now and then. I still feel like there’s no such thing as safe sex. Condoms or not, you’re at risk. I know there are people who will boo and hiss while they read this, but it’s just how it is. I guess I’ll say this much: I wear them now when I am in one of two situations: 1) When it’s with a woman and I don’t want to risk getting her pregnant. 2) When something in my gut tells me it’d be a bad idea to go bareback. I will say this also: I have never knowingly had unprotected sex with someone whom I knew had an STD of any kind. I’ve had potential partners of both sexes tell me they had one thing or another before they know I have two penises, and I’ve not allowed us to get into a sexual situation.

The truth is, I’m not having sex every single day and night. I also don’t have it every single week of the month. I do get tested monthly however and I am still clean and clear.

“I’ve never been stopped by the TSA.”

You’ve said that people sometimes notice your two penises by simply staring at your crotch. Have you been recognized publicly that way?
I’ve had people stare, yes. They stare with that look of confusion, then sudden expression of shock. Before I got some surgery done on my penises in 2014, I didn’t show with the same level of visibility that I do now. Previously, my penises were around six and seven inches hard, so depending on the clothing, they didn’t always stand out. After my surgery, I ended up gaining a lot more length. So they’re both now eight inches soft and right around 10 inches hard.

The surgery corrected some plumbing issues I’d been experiencing since my childhood. Part of the surgery required my suspensory ligament to be completely cut. Any man that’s had that procedure done for penile lengthening will tell you that the erection doesn’t quite stand-up anymore. Mine, while hard, point outward and downward. Which means getting hard-ons in my pants aren’t as uncomfortable as before since they’re no longer straining to stand straight up.

You talk about having an office in New York in your new book. Do the new TSA scanners pick up on your penises?
I’ve assumed they’ve never shown up. I’ve never been stopped. But that also could be due to the fact that when I do travel I wear very, very snug briefs and I am very compact in them. They’re so compact that I go straight to the nearest bathroom after going through security and slip into a stall and take them off and put them in my bag. There’s no way to wear them for an extended period of time, that’s how tight they are.

“Sex is never boring for me.”

Since you claim to have had all kinds of sex. What’s left for you? Have you plateaued?
I will admit I feel like I have plateaued. I’ve done just about anything you can think of with a guy or a girl, except a few things that involve excrement, which grosses me out. The fact is, every time I think I’ve done it all, I end up at some point meeting someone who shows me that there is another horizon to advance toward. In just the past few years, I realized how much I love seeing someone with genital piercings. Not for me, personally, but they can be a lot of fun on someone else. I didn’t know that I’d find them appealing until I met someone who had them. So when I say that right now, I feel like I have plateaued, I could meet someone tomorrow who I could find myself in bed with and go, “Oh wow, I’ve never done this before!”

After all of your experiences, are you ever bored of sex?
Sex is never boring for me. Typically, the reaction and reception of the individual I’m with in the moment tends to heighten the arousal level. There are always timid people but there are also people who go crazy for what I can do. It’s difficult to put into words, but I think it’s best explained by saying that I love sex, but I love it even more when my partner is absolutely wild about what I’ve got. That’s human nature though, it’s always fun when the other person likes what you’ve got.

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