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Designer Playlist: Tory Burch

The womenswear queen shares her favorite tunes

Designer Playlist: Tory Burch

For designer Tory Burch’s new editorial project, the Tory Blog, she made female musicians the front-and-center focus of her debut issue. Newer artists like Alaina Moore from Tennis get some love, while DJ/violinist Mia Moretti shares her favorite summer tunes. Meanwhile, Burch blogs about her own lifelong musical crushes in a personal post (Grateful Dead were her first concert; Neil Young’s Harvest changed her life, while Patti Smith revolutionized her ideas on a woman’s image).

As the designer told Rolling Stone, music matters to everyone. “We all have the same experiences with music, even if what we like is different. It’s tied to memory and a feeling of where you were when you first heard a song, whether it was 20 years ago or this morning.”  With that in mind, Burch has launched a Spotify playlist to capture these past, future and present moments for herself – and, of course, to share with fellow fans. She gives us a special inspirational playlist below.

Tory Burch Strikes a Musical Chord on ‘The Tory Blog’


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