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Designer Playlist: Nomia

yara nomia

Designer Yara Nomia

Samantha Casolari

New York designer Yara Finn’s fashion weeks keep getting better, with this season marking her most assured showing yet. It’s not by coincidence her label, Nomia, was just hailed as one of New York’s most likely to succeed by W’s Fashion Next incubator program. Finn is a modern thinker all around; that her show was backed by some of the most vital new sounds the new pop underground was no trendy co-sign gesture – she loves music. “Maybe more than fashion!” she admits. “I think in both areas I am always trying to find something new, and sometimes listening to something very different pushes me into a new design direction.”

On the heels of her successful  presentation Wednesday at Lincoln Center, she shares with Rolling Stone her favorite tunes and a streamable designer playlist, all of which inspired the mood and tone of her Spring 2012 collection, which reimagines the Southwest through a futurist lens.

Spring 2012 inspiration: “The starting out inspiration was Georgia O’Keeffe, which then gave way to the color palette of the Southwest. Reds, browns, vermillion and sky blue. My neutrals were white and a kind of clay, brownish taupe color. I think it’s important to juxtapose the pops of color against a more subdued background so it doesn’t get too kitchsy!”

Show playlist: A.R & Machines, Grimes, Elite Gymnastics, Burial and Zomby edited and mixed by Ben Brunnemer. “Most of the songs were songs I listened to while designing the collection.”

Sonic and design mood: “Somewhat dreamy and pensive. It’s not that this collection is a lot more feminine than my past collections, but it’s soft and strong at the same time.”

Style by sound: “I definitely listen to music while I design and think for me music can translate into different shapes and textures while I’m designing. I can’t listen to anything with a lot of lyrics. I also listen to iheartcomix radio to find out about newer artists, they play a good mix of genres.”

Designer DJ: ” I don’t consider myself a proper DJ at all, I just happen to love music and I love sharing it with friends and seeing how they react. It’s quite nerve-wracking for me, though, because I’m not very used to it!”

Breakthrough artist of the year: Grimes.

Nomia’s Spring 2012 Inspiration Playlist

“Devon” – Grimes.
I think someone called her “dubstep Enya.” Actually, I think I called her that. I listened to her pretty much non-stop while designing my Spring 2012 collection.

“Deep Inside” – Hardrive.
YES. Chicago house!

“Globus” – A.R. & Machines.
 I was recently made aware of this group and decided to use part of this song in my show music — before the crazy psychedelic breakdown.

“It’s a Burning Hell” – Brainbombs.
This is good for getting my anger out after frustrating trips to the Garment District.

“Walking on Thin Ice” – Yoko Ono and John Lennon.
Say what you will about Yoko, this song still rules.

“We Fly High” – Elite Gymnastics.
While the jury’s still out about the disaffected hipster voiceover, this song still kills it.

“Lateral” – Growing.
I dunno, I just like this. Best listened to at 2am while making patterns.


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