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Colorado Native Clare Dunn Talks Dust Bowl Living, Performing and Rock and Roll

How growing up in a small town led to a big rock & roll sound

Born and raised in 43-person town Two Buttes, Colorado, Clare Dunn knew from an early age that she wanted to sing and “make music like [her] heroes.”

“Of course, I had no idea how to go about that, but the dream was there from very early on,” says Dunn. “I loved to perform, I grew up dancing at a little dance studio so I don’t really remember not wanting to be a singer and songwriter. I just didn’t get started on those things until later.”

It wasn’t until she moved to Nashville for college that Dunn first picked up a guitar. As a songwriting major, she got the training she needed to feel confident producing her own music and being in studio – and telling her own story.

“I’m always trying to put into music what my viewpoint is in life,” she says. “I think a lot of people don’t realize that in farming and agriculture these days, you’ve gotta rock and roll if you’re gonna make it.”

The sense of urgency she felt growing made its way into her sound.

“That rock and roll element is definitely a part of my music. It’s important to have a soundtrack out there for the times in your life when you need to be motivated to get on through them,” she adds. “I always want to encourage people, and if my music helps them have a great time, get through a bad time or look back with fondness at their lives, that’s what I want to do.”

Songs like “Tuxedo” and “Cowboy Side of You” have a catchy, beat-driven vibe, while “Old Hat” showcases her softer side.

“It’s not somebody else’s thoughts, or somebody else’s sound slapped onto my artistry,” Dunn says of her music. “When you hear my music, you’re getting my thoughts and my opinions on life. You’re getting an authentic representation of who I am – and I think that’s what Budweiser is too,” she explains.

“I feel more comfortable in my own skin performing than I probably do in any area of my life,” she adds. “I feel like I belong when I’m performing.”

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