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CLOVES Talks Moving Away from Australia and Debut Album

The Australian singer-songwriter on the way her upcoming album morphed over the years she was working on it

“I started playing in bands with my sister when I was really young,” says Melbourne-native Kaity Dunstan, aka Cloves. “From there I started writing my own songs and bringing them to my band to play live. After a few years of doing that, I just sort of started doing my own thing.”

The 21-year-old took a leap of faith a few years ago and moved to LA where she found a management team that “believed in her” and brought her to London.

“I’ve always had this massive obsession with making an album in London,” Dunstan explains. “I came over here and spent three years working to finish it.”

Now after three years of hard work, her first album is finally wrapping up.

“It’s definitely been a learning process for me, musically and even vocally. I think it’s been a good growth for me,” Dunstan says.

Born in the 90s, the decade’s music has inspired Dunstan’s sound. She has always admired the classic, vocal icons too – and with her own set of brag-worthy pipes, she’s well on her way to becoming one herself.

While her inspirations are numerous and varied, her own personal narrative is woven throughout her upcoming album – and since she’s worked on it over the course of three years, that narrative has morphed and changed and grown along with her.

“[The album] started out being about the decline of a longterm relationship,” Dunstan says. “I was with him for three years and after that ended – about a year and a half into making the album – it became about me looking inward, looking into myself and my relationship with myself.”

“It’s sort of become about growth as a human,” she continues, “And the ups and downs of my life. Each track is a snippet of a very real situation.”

The way that Dunstan approaches her music – with honesty about what’s happening in her life at that moment – shines through in the final product.

“It normally starts with a melody,” she says.

She then chats with her writing partner, Justin Parker, about what’s going on in their lives.

“He plays some chords and I’ll sing random melodies over the top until we find a song structure we like – maybe a double chorus or straight into a random third section…Then we melodically map it out and then fill in the blanks with what we’ve been talking about.”

Her dedication to authenticity in her music and constant drive made Dunstan a natural partner for Budweiser.

“If you leave me in a room by myself for too long to not do anything I go crazy.”

“So putting all of myself into my music is
really important to me – I think Budweiser shares that same level of passion
for music,” she adds. “They get so excited about songs and artists, they want
to know all about you and understand you. That’s definitely something that
resonates with me; I love putting all of myself into my work.”


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