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California Girl Liz Huett Talks the ’90s, Her Fans and Being a Beer Girl

The pop singer opens up about her razor-sharp lyrics and upcoming first album

California girl Liz Huett is a product of the 1990s. Her music is inspired by the heavy hitters of the decade – but infused with her own brand of tell it like it is.

In her upcoming album, “you can expect brutal honesty in the songwriting,” Huett explains. “Sonically it’s going to vary a little bit because my taste is so eclectic.

“That’s the beautiful thing about being in the pop world,” she continues. “You don’t have to pick. You can make an album that…honors the A.D.D. aspect of your own taste. That’s fun sometimes.”

The youngest of five, Huett learned early on she had to be a “bit of a performer” to get attention. She grew up singing, dancing and acting – though acting was her main focus until high school. She turned her attention to music in an attempt to have a normal childhood and attend more school. She thought about college but realized her heart wasn’t really in it and to keep on the most natural route for her – music.

She took a job as a backup singer for one of today’s biggest country-turned-pop sensations and calls that her “music industry college:” she got to work with talented people and experience that world firsthand.

“I got to see from the inside out what being an artist looks like,” says Huett.

After a few years, Huett had a “yearning in [her] heart, a burning desire” to put her own music into the world. With the blessing of the artist she was working with, she set out on her own, scored a publishing deal and started writing songs. After months of trial and error, as she puts it, she finally reached the place where she knew herself “as a person and as an artist” well enough to release music that she’s really proud of.

With catchy tunes and razor-sharp lyrics, her first two songs epitomize who she is as an artist – and assure that the rest of the album will as well.

“It’s gonna be a colorful album and I’ll stop at nothing to make 100 percent certain that it’s who I am,” Huett says. “I’m a very honest writer. I only write what I know. I realize that I am just terrible at doing anything other than that.

“I feel like I am gonna make the kind of record that once you’re done top to bottom, I would hope that girls would feel like they want to be friends with me and guys know that I can hang with them and maybe drink them under the table.”

A self-proclaimed “Beer girl,” Huett’s partnership with Budweiser felt like a natural fit. She feels empowered that a well-known brand wanted to work with and support her, and Budweiser’s values of hard work, passion and pursuing the American dream resonated with her.

“When I hear about the support or how my music is connecting with people it just fuels me to try even harder to keep getting better songs and make my music as awesome as it possibly could be,” she says. “Knowing that what I do might affect anybody in a positive way or could form a connection with somebody on the other side of the world…is such an honor. It is doing wonders for me creatively, encouraging me personally and means the world.”

Look out for Liz Huett’s album in 2018.


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