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Blu Atlas: The King of Men’s Grooming Products

Blu Atlas

Whether you’re scrolling through social media or browsing the aisles of mass retailers, you’ll see that skincare is everywhere. From face washes to toners to serums and sunscreens, the skincare market is undoubtedly one of the most profitable industries in the world right now, with U.S. skincare sales bringing in over 100 billion in 2021. 

While the pandemic did positively affect the global skincare market, as more and more people began diving into the ins and outs of self-care in their ample amount of spare time. The popularity of men’s skincare and grooming was also a huge contributing factor to the skincare industry’s success, as the US men’s personal care market brought in over 9 billion in 2021. And the industry’s growth won’t stop there, with statistics showing a 9.1% annual growth rate from 2022 to 2030.

The growing boom in skincare and grooming has inevitably given birth to thousands of emerging skincare and personal care brands. And while the competition may be steep, there are certain brands giving others a run for their money. 

 Blu Atlas is one such brand. The all-natural, premium men’s personal care brand launched in January 2022 and quickly shot its way to the forefront of men’s skincare thanks to its high-impact, non-BS formulas that target key skin, hair, and hygiene concerns. It didn’t take long before Blu Atlas gained notice from numerous magazines, such as In Touch Weekly, who declared them “The Skincare Brand Worth the Hype.”

Yes, all of Blu Atlas’ products are made from all-natural, 100% vegan ingredients, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they are less effective than other brands. Blu Atlas has become the king of men’s grooming products because their natural formulations are also science-backed and formulated with the help of well-respected, expert formulators and dermatologists. 

You’ll find natural (and recognizable) ingredients in each formula, such as aloe vera leaf juice in their Shampoo, which acts as a natural moisturizer and provides skin and hair with essential nutrients and antioxidants, and apple extract (also known as Pyrus malus fruit extract) in their Vitamin C Serum, which helps support youthful, healthy skin with its rich vitamin and antioxidant content. Blu Atlas also utilizes modern skincare science to ensure each product has an elegant formulation, which you can see from their use of gentle coconut-derived surfactants that cleanse the hair and body.

The creators behind the brand noticed men’s growing concern for the safety behind the products and ingredients they put on their bodies. Instead of telling men that they have to sacrifice quality skincare and personal care products in order to use “cleaner” ingredients, Blu Atlas combined the two—formulating a line of elegant yet straightforward personal care products that utilize the power of science and the healing properties of natural ingredients. 

In a world muddled with endless products and emerging brands, Blu Atlas created a safe space for men to find products that work for them, create a routine, and maximize the benefits of each skincare step. The Blu Atlas line features thirteen products and one curated set, each centered around a specific step in one’s personal care routine, from simple steps like wearing deodorant to the more luxurious experience of a purifying face mask. Their products are top-notch and definitely deserve their own spotlight.

Below is our Blu Atlas review on their entire line of products. It won’t take you long to see why Men’s Journal named them the “#1 best men’s skincare brand.” Even with all the hype leading up to it, we still walked away truly impressed with everything they had to offer.


Blu Atlas

Aftershave shouldn’t be an afterthought. Especially for men who shave on a regular basis, this skin-calming solution should be a staple in your routine. But the days of reaching for any ol’ aftershave at the drugstore are (thankfully) over. 

Blu Atlas created their Aftershave to support and soothe the skin post-shaving with ultra-nourishing ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera leaf juice, and rose water. The combination of skin hydrators, antioxidants, and emollients ensures skin is nourished and free of irritations that commonly come from shaving. 

Buy: Blu Atlas Aftershave at $24


Atlantis is Blu Atlas’ signature cologne. And while fragrances aren’t often products skincare brands come out with, Blu Atlas maintains its standing as a well-rounded men’s personal care brand. It’s not just about skincare. It’s about the entire body and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Atlantis is an eau de parfum, meaning it’s relatively strong and long-lasting. With raving 5-star reviews, the fragrance highlights the top note of bergamot, a middle note of clary sage, and a base note of patchouli to encapsulate a uniquely fresh scent. It’s the perfect balance of herbaceous aromatics and earthy woods, so we see it as a cologne most men would love.

Atlantis has already gained high praise across the board for its unique and appealing fragrance. It has been hailed as the “best cologne for daytime wear” by SFGate, as well as touted as the “the best cologne to try in 2022” by Forbes.

Buy: Blu Atlas Atlantis at $100

Body Wash

Blu Atlas

No matter who you are, body wash tends to be a desert-island product that can always be found in your shower. And while many natural body washes lack the satisfaction of a rich lather and hydrating wash, Blu Atlas made sure their Body Wash would always be a shower staple. 

The wash is both natural and luxurious, thanks to hydrating ingredients like green tea, sugar cane, and aloe vera that ensure skin stays soothed, nourished, and protected from free radicals. Loofah or not, this body wash creates a creamy foam thanks to coconut-derived surfactants and emollients. In essence, this is one Blu Atlas product you don’t want to sleep on.

Buy: Blu Atlas Body Wash at $22


Blu Atlas

If you’re a man still using a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, take this as your sign to throw it in the bin. Despite what you’ve been told by previous men’s hair care marketing (or lack thereof), what you really need to achieve healthy, hydrated hair is a conditioner formulated to repair and moisturize strands from the inside out. Luckily, there’s this Conditioner by Blu Atlas. 

Made with nourishing ingredients like hydrolyzed barley protein, this lightweight conditioner is meant to strengthen, soothe, condition, calm frizz, and restore shine. It basically checks all of your hair care goals off in one simple step. 

Buy: Blu Atlas Conditioner at $22


Blu Atlas

Deodorant is a man’s best friend. Well, a good deodorant, that is. Blu Atlas created their all-natural, aluminum-free deodorant to be the product you reach for on a daily basis, even multiple times a day, to keep B.O. at bay. 

Natural ingredients like volcanic ash and zinc ricinoleate have continuously proven their efficacy in combating odor and helping soak up excess moisture. While soothing ingredients like coco-caprylate help soften the skin and prevent irritation. The sleek, roll-on design makes it easy to take with you on the go and reapply throughout the day.

Buy: Blu Atlas Deodorant at $15

Exfoliating Scrub

Blu Atlas

If you’re ready to upgrade your skincare game from the standard face cleanser and moisturizer, an exfoliating scrub is an effortless next step. Blu Atlas refers to their popular Exfoliating Scrub as “a gentle powerwash for your face” because it helps give skin that feel-good clean by buffing away dry skin and impurities. 

And it truly is gentle. Unlike other face scrubs on the market that use abrasive beads and seeds to exfoliate, this scrub highlights soothing ingredients like bamboo extract, jojoba oil, and hibiscus flower extract. Bamboo extract, which is naturally rich in silica, provides gentle exfoliation to the top layers of skin and promotes an overall smoother, healthier appearance.

Buy: Blu Atlas Exfoliating Scrub at $25

Restorative Eye Stick

Blu Atlas

If you’re looking for a high-quality eye treatment that also happens to be natural, vegan, and free of potentially harmful ingredients, Blu Atlas’ Eye Stick is a must-buy. This brightening under-eye treatment helps to eradicate puffiness and dark circles with antioxidant-rich ingredients like caffeine, vitamin C, niacinamide, and algae extract.

The Restorative Eye Stick also contains soothing, hydrating ingredients like rose flower water, panthenol, and sodium hyaluronate, which help plump the skin and soften fine lines. The formula is lightweight, so it’s easy to apply and incorporate into your everyday routine. Thanks to its powerhouse of ingredients, this is one of the best products from Blu Atlas’ line for those concerned about aging and skin dullness.

Buy: Blu Atlas Eye Stick at $35

Purifying Face Mask

Blu Atlas

When we think of self-care, it often has a face mask involved. Blu Atlas crafted the ideal face mask for men who want to bump up their skincare game by just adding an extra step once to twice a week. The mask contains purifying ingredients (hence the name) like kaolin clay and charcoal powder that help clarify the skin by removing excess oil and impurities. 

While some purifying masks would call it quits there, Blu Atlas has pumped it up a notch by packing the product with soothing and nutrient-rich ingredients. Glycerin and grapeseed oil moisturize skin and combat any potential dryness from the kaolin clay. At the same time, goji berry and micro algae extract blast skin with tons of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Buy: Blu Atlas Face Mask at $38

Moisturizing Cream

Blu Atlas

Besides a face cleanser (and sunscreen), moisturizer is the most important step in any skincare routine—so investing in a quality cream just makes sense. We’re fans of Blu Atlas’ Face Moisturizer because it is suitable for all skin types and targets skin concerns like dullness in addition to moisturizing.

This luxurious cream might come without the luxury price tag, but it definitely doesn’t skimp on high-quality ingredients. You’ll find ultra-nourishing mango seed butter in this formula, alongside vitamin C and seaweed extract. Seaweed extract, also known as Laminaria algae, really does it all in this formula. It helps to hydrate, lightly exfoliate, brighten, protect with antioxidants, regulate oil production, and moisturize. This is a standout product from the brand that boasts impressive results.

Buy: Blu Atlas Face Moisturizer at $30


Blu Atlas

Shampoo is one of those products we all know and use regularly. But for a long time, men have been left to use cringe-worthy 2-in-1 shampoos or bogus formulations full of fillers. To give men the clean they deserve, Blu Atlas created their Shampoo. 

Like the rest of their products, the Shampoo is made with all-natural, efficacious ingredients like coconut-derived surfactants that gently cleanse without stripping the hair and scalp of essential oils. It’s also formulated with aloe vera to moisturize strands and soothe the scalp, while jojoba protein promotes a healthy shine and helps repair damage. 

Buy: Blu Atlas Shampoo at $22

Shave Cream

Blu Atlas

Men who shave know the importance of shaving cream. It’s the one product that protects your skin from the harshness of the blade, helping to reduce the irritation, inflammation, and nicks that come from shaving. 

To create this grooming staple, Blu Atlas turned to classic shaving cream ingredients like stearic acid but elevated it with naturally soothing ingredients like vitamin E and the coconut-derived gel coco-caprylate. The result is a luxurious formula that preps skin for a close shave, all while preventing irritation.

Buy: Blu Atlas Shave Cream at $30

Vitamin C Serum

Blu Atlas

A vitamin C serum is part of any skincare enthusiast’s lineup because it’s brightening and full of antioxidants supporting healthy skin and protecting against damaging environmental aggressors. While the skincare market may be flooded with vitamin C serums, it’s surprisingly difficult to find a good one since vitamin C is tricky to formulate. 

Blu Atlas created a Vitamin C Serum that takes the cake. It’s formulated with pure vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) and loads of other skin brighteners, hydrators, and antioxidants. In addition to vitamin C, you’ll find mulberry root extract, vitamin E, ferulic acid, and hyaluronic acid in this superstar serum. It’s ideal for daytime use for people who want to improve their skin’s overall texture and tone or enjoy a serum that supports their anti-aging regimen. 

Buy: Blu Atlas Vitamin C Serum at $35

Volcanic Ash Face Cleanser

Blu Atlas

The name alone instantly makes you want to add it to your cart. As one of Blu Atlas’ best-sellers, the Volcanic Ash Face Cleanser serves as the first step in anyone’s skincare routine. Regardless of your skin type, tone, or gender, this cleanser washes away dirt, oil, and grime while maintaining the skin’s delicate pH balance.

The formula also gently exfoliates the skin with ingredients like bentonite clay (known as volcanic ash because it’s actually formed from volcanic explosions) that help absorb excess oil and tighten the look and feel of pores. Pomegranate seed oil and lactobacillus ferment ensure this cleanser is gentle, soothing, and suitable for daily use.

Buy: Blu Atlas Volcanic Ash Face Cleanser at $20

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