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BlackBerry Music Service to Simulate Mixtape Experience

BlackBerry Music Service to Simulate Mixtape Experience

courtesy Blackberry Messenger

Research in Motion, the maker of BlackBerry smartphones, has revealed details of its new BBM Music service. Described as a “social music sharing and discovery service,” the program – which costs $5 per month – is built into the BlackBerry Messaging service, which has 45 million users around the world.

The app will allow users to select 50 songs that represent their “music profile.” Those songs can be streamed as many times as they like, and other  users can stream those songs as well. Users can “friend” as many people as they like, thus increasing the number of songs they can stream on the service. Users will be able to swap out up to 25 tracks per month.

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According to Nick Patsiopoulos, the product manager of the service, BBM Music is intended to simulate the experience of swapping mixtapes with friends. “It evolves the mixtape,” he said in a statement. “It makes it easier and faster.”


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