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Bing iPad App Lets You Search Online By Drawing

Microsoft’s Bing online search app for iPad has added the ability to search for keywords and topics on the Internet without typing, letting you instead conduct queries with the flick of a finger.

Using a feature called “Lasso,” users can now simply draw a circle around a word or term they’re interested in learning more about, which causes the application to automatically search for it. A potentially more intuitive way to browse for additional information, it allows you to quickly pull up further details on any given subject just by tracing a line around them while reading a document.

By simply sketching instead of having to pause, switch to a browser or text entry box and manually conduct searches, it hopes to streamline the Internet search process. Just remember to wipe the pizza grease off your fingers first though, as tablet PC screens already attract enough smudges, dirt and grime to give the bathrooms at JFK a run for their money.

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