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Adam Lambert Talks “American Idol” Finale, Sexuality, Katy Perry

In a lively conference call, American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert opened up about his Idol journey, what he hopes to accomplish with his debut album, why second best isn’t all that bad, and whether he’s the reincarnation of Elvis Presley.

Lambert says he is more than happy to take the silver this year, and that he has absolutely “no regrets.” He enjoyed the entire experience, and wouldn’t have changed a thing.

“I know it sounds cliche, but I really feel like I won by getting to the finals,” he said. “To me, its not about the title of ‘American Idol,’ it was the experience. I made music, and I got to do a different performance every week, and I was able to use [the show] as a platform to get myself out there, and now I have a career. There’s no need to dwell on the negative. We should look forward, and be excited about an album and the rest of my career. I couldn’t be happier for Kris [Allen]. I think he’s immensely talented. I don’t think the title of first or second place really matters at this point.”

Lambert says he’s already started talking with various producers that he’d like to work on his debut disc, but says its still too early to tell which direction the LP will take.

“I think people are in store for a treat,” he said, adding that he hopes to have the disc in stores by year’s end. ‘I think its going to be a really cool album, and I’m excited to start working on it. We’re at the drawing board right now, trying to figure it out. My view of the record industry is it’s a little too specific lately. The labels tend to try to put one box around every artist and keep them in one genre, and to me, we don’t have to go about it that way. I want the album to have a cohesive sound, but I think it could be a collection of different styles with me at the center of it.”

He says he’d like to try to infuse a glam rock feel into the disc, but won’t be limiting himself. “I’m more about fusion, adding little elements of things into the final mix. I have that style of vocal, but we’ll see what happens. I’m kind of experimenting with that, and there are a lot of pop artists that are using the glam vibe in their music currently, so I think I’m part of a wave.”

Looking back on the whole experience, Lambert says his favorite performance during the entire season came during Rock Week, when he performed Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love.” “That was a great moment,” he says. “Its an all-time favorite tune of mine, and I felt very empowered on stage, getting to sing that with the band.”

Lambert, who cites David Bowie and Michael Jackson as influences, says his first priority is “to try and become a recording artist,” that even if Broadway called, he’d have to turn them down. “I spent time doing the theatre thing for a number of years, and I’m not turning my back on it, but I’m definitely going in the other direction now.” He plans on releasing a solo LP, rather than teaming up with a band, as Chris Daughtry did.

Lambert has made many fans this season, including Katy Perry, who donned a cape emblazoned with his name during her appearance on the show. After the show he met with Perry, who offered him some sage advice. “I gave her a big hug afterwards, and she’s really, really cool,” he said. “She had some great advice for me. She’s like, you know just make sure you keep the friends you had before all this started around you, and keep them close; surround yourself with people who will keep you grounded.”

As to whether the speculation surrounding his sexual orientation impacted the final vote, Lambert simply laughed, and answered, “Probably.”

When asked by one reporter what Lambert thought of one psychic’s assessment that he’s Elvis Presley reincarnated, Lambert chuckled. “That’s such a compliment,” he says. “I don’t know if that’s necessarily the case, but it’s a beautiful idea.”

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