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Actor Rahul Kohli on Converting ‘iZombie’ Costars to Gaming

British actor’s role as Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti hasn’t curbed his lifelong geeky gaming addiction

Rahul Kohli from the CW's iZombieRahul Kohli from the CW's iZombie

Rahul Kohli stars in CW's 'iZombie.'

Getty/Maarten de Boer

You might think a role on the CW’s Rob Thomas-helmed hit show iZombie may have curtailed its star’s free time, put a dent in his usual habits. Not so for its adorably geeky medical examiner, Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti, played by Rahul Kohli. Season 3 of the horror-themed comedy crime-procedural drama starts on April 4th, and the actor tells Glixel he’s gaming more than ever before.

“Honestly, I think I’ve never played this much. This is the most I’ve ever played,” he says. “It’s become something that I rely on, so it’s become therapeutic for me. iZombie was my big break into acting, but I’d been acting for seven or eight years prior to that. There was a lot of free time. Gaming back then, I loved it and I did it a lot. But, it had a different kind of connotation to it, because I was this unemployed out of work actor living at my parents house. So, when you stay upstairs playing video games eight hours a day, it looks bad, right?”

He admits that getting the role on the hit show helped get rid of any guilt he had about gaming so much, even with the demands of filming.

“Now that I’m doing a show that’s still pretty successful and I’m looked upon by my friends and family as (air quotes) ‘successful,’ now I can do it unashamedly. I can binge three days and not shower and it’s like, “Oh, but he’s in a hit show, so it’s fine.””

He’s careful about what he plays on set in case he gets called in the middle of an important gaming moment, but he does admit to slowing down the iZombie set WiFi with Overwatch sessions. Plus, he’s tried to convert his costar, Rose McIver. “I think Crash Bandicoot‘s the only game she gives a shout out to,” he says. “Her brother was a gamer, so she played that and she hasn’t really touched it since. So, I had this ploy. I think I brought her round one night for tea … And I started with Unfinished Swan because she’s arty farty. I looked at all the books she reads and she does tapestries and I was like, ‘I can get her on this one.’ And she really took to indie titles, so what started off with Unfinished Swan turned into Surgeon SimulatorWe did Octodad, I Am Bread, and she absolutely loves these innovative indie titles.

Read more about how he got started gaming with Nintendo and converting his costars on Glixel. 

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