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50 Cent Brings the Massacre to the Middle East in New Video Game

Here’s the pitch, video gamers: 50 Cent plays a concert in the Middle East. Instead of being paid in cash, he receives a diamond-encrusted skull. Angry “evil-doers” take 50’s booty, so Fiddy and his loyal G Unit start a second Operation Desert Storm to get it back. That’s essentially the plotline for the upcoming 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand. And judging by the trailer above, it looks like Apocalypse Now or Die Trying. If we had just dropped Curtis in Baghdad, mission would definitely be accomplished by now, plus we all know 50 can take a bullet or two. We really can’t get over how awesome the game looks; 50 could have mailed it in like he did with the latest G Unit album, but instead this is something we’d actually want to play. The game — for both Playstation 3 and XBox 306 — will hit stores in November, instantly making it priority number one on our Black Friday shopping lists.

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