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3 Things We Learned From ‘World of Warcraft’ Boss

Blizzard’s WoW Watcher talks ‘Warlords of Draenor,’ ‘Legion’ and sequels

Ion Hazzikostas discusses how 'World of Warcraft' team fights to keep 13-year-old game kicking ass for its players.


Ion Hazzikostas doesn’t just have the most heavy metal name of any gamer maker ever, he’s also the game director for the massive MMO World of Warcraft. In a recent interview with Glixel, he revealed how his team fights to keep the 12-year-old game kicking ass for its players.

Blizzard knows there were problems with the 2014 expansion Warlords of Draenor
“I think that the pace and the rate at which the story of Warlords unfolded from a storytelling perspective, from a narrative perspective, a pacing perspective probably did feel rushed,” he says.

“I think there were certainly times where I wish we could take a time machine back a few months and make some different decisions. I think Warlords was an example of an expansion that suited some of our player groups very well and failed for others.”

There should have been more rare, legendary items for players in Legion
“We were too stingy with them, especially up front, and then there’s this general sense of them feeling like a bonus rather than a reward,” he says.

“It feels like players are due for a legendary at a certain point, and if they don’t get the one that they wanted, it becomes a disappointment instead of what would otherwise be an exciting moment.”

He thinks the idea of World of Warcraft 2 is pretty funny
“I think in many ways we view each new expansion as a piece of that,” he laughs.

“You know, you can make the argument that right now you’re playing WoW 7. There’s been so much that has changed and evolved over the years in terms of the engine, our systems, our classes and brand new features, brand new ways of interacting with the game that if you actually compared the two side by side, there are significant differences.”

Read the full interview over on Glixel 

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