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Weed for the Holidays: Pot Gift Guide 2017

From bath bombs to dugouts to vapes, our favorite products and accessories to ensure the stoner in your life has a great holiday season

The 2017 Marijuana Gift Guide: 20 Items For the Stoner in Your Life

Make the holidays a whole lot chiller with these pot products and accessories.

Chelsea Johnston for Rolling Stone

This past year saw California pass an adult-use legalization, as well as members of the GOP finally supporting medical marijuana research, so 2017 has certainly been a big year for cannabis. The plant keeps edging further out of its shadowy, misunderstood past to bask in the sunshine of the mainstream. As it does, its users may be more public of their appreciation or start experimenting with the herbal medicine. Plus, cannabis users’ friends and family may shop for them accordingly – whether they’re canna-curious or seasoned stoners. The market contains multitudes more than your standard glass bowl. Whether you live in a state where it’s legalized or somewhere still forced to live off the black market, here are some diverse options to gift your favorite token toker – even if that toker is you. 

Rolling Stone Marijuana Gift Guide 2017

Goldleaf Prints

A welcome deviation from black velvet and Bob Marley, Goldleaf presents a decor option for the modern, productive stoner. For the vintage fiend, consider an Audubon-style, hand-drawn portrait of the plant printed on thick, matte archival paper. For the history buff, there’s the subtly colorful infographic print displaying cannabis’ long history of healing. Whatever design you choose, don’t forget to toss in some railers for proud display, available in walnut and maple (both $34.99 each). 

Prints available for $24.99 at ShopGoldleaf.com.

Rolling Stone Marijuana Gift Guide 2017

NORML Curved Rolling Papers

In November, the National Organization for the Reformation of Marijuana Laws partnered with Curved Papers, Inc. to roll out these 100-percent organic hemp papers. The design features a curved edge that results in a more evenly rolled end product. But this iteration is different, as a portion of the proceeds from the papers go to NORML, a nonprofit that works to promote legalized adult use, expanded medical availability and other related advocacy efforts in the cannabis community.

Available for purchase at CurvedPapers.com; prices start at $2.

Rolling Stone Marijuana Gift Guide 2017

Cannador Multi-Strain Storage System

Perhaps the downside to having access to so many good strains is that, sometimes, you don’t have time to smoke your weed before it dries out. Cannador is attempting to solve that problem by making a line of products that are humidors made especially for pot. Crafted from solid walnut or maple, the boxes (which come in two- to six-strain sizes) feature individual glass jars that fit inside an elegant exterior. Their special humidifying beads ensure that the contents stay the correct humidity, and for $59 extra, a Bluetooth-enabled hydrometer will sync with your smartphone to alert you if your pot starts to get too crispy. But perhaps the best perk of the Cannador is the way it artfully blends into a sophisticated living space – and that you can lock it, too, ensuring that little hands can’t reach inside. 

Store locator and online ordering available at Cannador.com; sets start at $129.99. 

Rolling Stone Marijuana Gift Guide 2017

Kin Slips Sublingual Strips

As if vape pens weren’t discreet enough, Kin Slips has introduced a sub-lingual (under-the-tongue) strip that delivers a powerful punch of THC, and can be taken just about anywhere. The strips – which are about the size of a postage stamp and resemble a minty-fresh piece of sandpaper – come in an array of doses and strains. Park Life is CBD-only and comes in 10 mg doses; Nice Dream – which comes in either 10 or 20 mg THC doses – will give you some of the best sleep of your life; Cloud Buster is like a kick of pure sativa to the brain. The 10 and 20 mg THC strips are good, but the 5 mg – perfect for microdosing – is the standout of the brand.  

Store listing available at KinSlips.com, currently available only in California. Prices start at $20. 

Rolling Stone Marijuana Gift Guide 2017

Puffco Pro 2 Portable Dabber

Dabbing is by far the most intense way to consume marijuana – it’s essentially freebasing concentrated THC using a glass pipe and a blowtorch. But Brooklyn-based Puffco has made it portable and way less sketchy, and their newest pen – the Puffco Pro 2 – looks really good while doing it. Just load in some wax, and the super slim coil system will heat it up to the perfect temperature to break down the cannabinoids, without burning them. Available for order at Puffco.com; Puffco Pro 2 retails for $75.95.

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