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Watch 22 Leaked Super Bowl XLVIII Commercials Before Sunday’s Game

Just like the game, Super Sunday’s ad blitz has become appointment viewing

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Patrick Wymore/Toyota

Ah, the Super Bowl: that de facto national holiday when 108 million Americans whip up their signature bean dip, huddle around the TV and watch. . . commercials? Just like the game, Super Sunday's ad blitz has become appointment viewing, much to the delight of sponsors everywhere. In the old days (we miss you 1995, with your Bud, Weis, and Er frogs), it was a complete surprise as to what spots were running. But thanks to the miracle of the Internet – and clever social media marketers – many plugs have popped up online. As a result, we've curated a one-stop shop to preview all of this year's broadcasts. Many are hilarious. Others are underwhelming. But at least you won't miss a beat when you refill your beer. Rob LeDonne

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CarMax’s Clapping Statue

We have no idea what CarMax does or what they're promoting. But this commercial, which features everything from a clapping statue to a elderly man getting saved from a fire, will definitely have people talking on Monday morning. Bravo, CarMax, on a weird yet workable spot.

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Cheerios’ Heart Hug

Throughout the years, Cheerios spots have always tried to tug at the heart strings. This one is no different. Sometimes less is more.

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Chevrolet Perplexing Silverado Spot

This ad for Chevy's full-size pickup is pretty perplexing and spurs a ton of questions. One of the most pressing: Why were they playing Hot Chocolate's "You Sexy Thing" while showing a bunch of cows? In this case, some things are better left unsaid.

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Coca-Cola’s Holy Trinity

This Coke spot is funny, heartwarming and memorable. However, when thinking back to past Coca-Cola ads (polar bears!), this doesn't do the trick. On the upside, Lambaeu Field will get a some nice screen time – which is more than can be said for the poor Green Bay Packers.

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Doritos’ Faulty Time Machine

Now in its eighth year, Frito-Lay's Crash the Super Bowl contest challenges ordinary Americans to create their own ads. Five are selected to air in primetime and viewers are asked to vote for their favorite. Super Bowl XLVIII is no different, and it looks like the chip company received a bevy of stellar submissions. This one, which features a faulty time machine, is sure to make even the most cold-hearted bastard crack a smile.

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Hyundai’s Brilliant Mess

Honestly, we can't tell the best part. Is it The Big Bang Theory's Johnny Galecki trying to charm a fellow traveler? Or comedian Richard Lewis' random appearance? Perhaps Jeff Bridges' cheery voice-over? The answer is: all of the above.

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Oikos’ ‘Full House’

Let's face it: America is a real sucker for TV reunions, and yogurtiers Oikos are well aware of this. As a result, they lined up John Stamos and the merry men from Full House to appear in a sure-to-be discussed spot for this Sunday. On the downside, the fact that the guys from Full House have already reunited on both Good Morning America and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon weakened the novelty of it all.

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SodaStream’s Forbidden Fantasy

You may have heard the brouhaha about this commercial, which seems innocent enough and features Her's Scarlett Johansson pushing a homemade pop machine. However, throw in the fact that Israeli manufacturer has a production plant in the West Bank and it's easy to see why this spot has people up in arms (and why it has already banned from airing this Sunday). Even worse: the spot isn't even that clever to begin with!

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Squarespace’s ‘A Better Web Awaits’

"A Better Web Awaits" does a good job of describing what the New York-based company actually does (build websites.) Unfortunately, the entire premise was done ten years ago by Dave Chappelle in a sketch called "If the Internet Was a Real Place." Maybe Squarespace's agency can think of a more original idea between now and Super Bowl XLIX.

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Toyota’s Road Trip

When you combine Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Terry Crews and the Muppets, something fun is bound to happen. As the friendly puppets take Mr. Crews on a ride in their trusty Toyota, some typical Henson shenannigans go down. One burning question though: Nevermind a road test, can Kermit and Co. actually drive?

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Volkswagon’s ‘Wings’

Car companies go one of two routes with their Super Bowl ads by either making them heartwarming or silly. Volkswagon's "Wings" is the latter and showcases a bunch of German engineers literally sprouting wings. And what twentysomething wouldn't wear a t-shirt with the commercial's best line: "I hate these wingy-thingys"?

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