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Watch 15 Leaked Super Bowl 51 Commercials Before the Big Game

Gal Gadot, Melissa McCarthy, Cam Newton, Tina Fey and more – these are the ads everybody will be talking about after Sunday’s game

With the Falcons and Pats only a few days away, savvy brands who shelled out big bucks for a Super Bowl ad are making the most of the all-consuming hype by leaking (aka releasing) their spots to the masses beforehand. This year's crop of commercials hawk everything from avocados to Audis and features famous folks ranging from Bieber to Brady. For a much-needed distraction from the current political climate, here are 15 of the most notable future Super spots, from the super awesome to the downright stupid.

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Nintendo Switch

It's safe to say this isn't your father's (or your) Nintendo anymore. In this extended Super spot for their newfangled Switch, Nintendo offers highlights of the fun to be had while giving their latest console a whirl to the soundtrack of Imagine Dragon’s new song "Believer." They've definitely come a long way from Duck Hunt.

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