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The Top 10 Moments in U.S. Olympic History

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Proving a theory of Hitler's incorrect. A hockey team comprised of nobodies. A basketball team comprised of superstars. A hurt knee. A hurt head. An unforgettable moustache. These are just a few of the happenings that will forever be linked between the U.S. and the Olympics. Get into the sporting spirit for the 2012 games in London with a look back at 10 of the top U.S. Olympic moments from the past century.

By Greg Prato

jesse owens 1936

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Jesse Owens Wins Multiple Gold Medals In Nazi Germany (Berlin 1936)

Would you be a bit nervous if you were asked to compete in the Olympics, in a far away land ruled by the Third Reich, and with one of the most despicable figures of all-time – Adolf Hitler – undoubtedly monitoring the events from afar? U.S. runner Jesse Owens didn't let it affect his performance in the slightest at the Berlin Games in 1936, as he won a total of four gold medals that year in the 100m, the 200m, the 4.100m relay and the long jump competitions. It's been said that Hitler wanted to use the Olympics as a platform to show that the Aryan race was physically superior to everyone else. Owens proved him dead wrong.

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