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The Best Products from CES 2012: From Helicopters to Ultrabooks

The top finds of the annual Consumer Electronics Show


Courtesy of Asus

Packing a beefy quad-core Tegra 3 graphics processor from NVIDIA, but retailing for just $249, this 7-inch Android tablet touts enough power to deliver gasp-inducing multimedia showpieces without short-circuiting your monthly budget.

Gallery by Scott Steinberg

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

LG 55-inch 3D TV

Winning top honors from critics, the 55-inch set's razor-thin (4mm) girth and crisp, bright colors are  arresting enough to make casual passersby pause. It's fueled by a cutting-edge OLED display; pity it'll cost a minimum of $5,000.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Samsung ES8000 LED Dual-Core TV

Albeit less sexy than the manufacturer's 55-inch OLED offering, this TV features user-upgradeable hardware plus gesture and voice recognition apps. The built-in dual-core processors, cameras and microphones give the TV line serious appeal.

David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Lenovo Group Ltd. S2

Computer maker Lenovo's first consumer cellphone, the dual-core Android handset with 3.8-inch display, scores points for its slick look, tight security features and compatibility with the company's new streaming multimedia service (similar to Apple's iCloud).

David Becker/Getty Images

Nikon D4

Priced at a shocking $6,000, the pro-grade DSLR digital camera offers superior lowlight performance, killer video recording capability and rapid-fire continuous shooting performance that's been compared to "holding a fully automatic machine gun."

Frederic Simon

Parrot AR Drone 2.0

Everyone’s favorite flying, iPhone-controlled helicopter gets enhanced controls, a pressure sensor and a 3D compass, plus support 720p HD video recording. Its aerial reconnaissance is viewable in real-time, shareable online or usable alongside augmented reality apps.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Nokia Lumia 900

Microsoft bid CES adieu by promoting this stylishly designed Windows Phone with 4.3-inch AMOLED display and high-speed 4G LTE connectivity, clearly among the more promising flagship offerings from its much-discussed partnership with Nokia.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Sony PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Portable (PSP) gaming handheld's successor amplifies hardware performance, delivering PS3-grade visuals (and music and movie playback) on an ultra-crisp 5-inch OLED display, plus front/rear touch controls, high-speed wireless connectivity and dual joysticks.

Courtesy of HP

HP Envy Spectre 14

High price ($1,399) aside, this eye-catching, glass-encased ultrabook wins points for style and its built-in Beats Audio technology, making it as much of a geeked-out conversation piece as actual airport-friendly workhorse.

Courtesy of D-Link

D-Link Cloud Router

Despite costing just $40, this breezy wireless router adds cloud computing options and allows for remote network monitoring via mobile app, so you can prevent security breaches and spy on kids’ questionable browsing habits from afar.