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The 2016 Pot Lover’s Gift Guide

From app-connected portable vaporizers to gigantic, gorgeous grinders, what to get the smokers on your holiday list

There was one big silver lining last month in a year many people would like to forget: marijuana legalization reached a tipping point when pot referendums passed in eight states, making the drug now recreationally legal in eight states (plus D.C.) and approved for medical use in a whopping 28. And if 60 percent of Americans really approve of its legalization, as polling suggests, we might also see weed and weed accessories start appearing on our holiday lists. But gifting someone a bag of green is about as original as putting a bow on a bottle of liquor, so what do you get for the pot lover in your life? Here, Rolling Stone's list of the best cannabis-related gifts – available in all 50 states.

Paul Sirisalee for Rolling Stone

For the Home Chef: Mota Pot Edible Maker

In legalized states like Colorado, the market for edibles has exploded, as users weary of lung damage figure out ways to get high. But for those in states not yet medically or recreationally enlightened, cooking at home is often the only option – and the Mota Pot makes it infinitely easier. The stainless steel contraption acts essentially like a stovetop espresso maker, forcing butter and water to steam through the ground herbs and into a chamber where it can be poured out, chilled and cooked. While there's still a laborious process to making the infused product – there's no getting around baking the fresh herb for nearly an hour before loading up the Mota – the device makes it less messy, eliminates straining and allows the user an easy way to regulate how much THC ends up in the final product. Perfect for anyone looking to expand their baking skills, as well as their mind.

Mota Pot available here for $49.99

Paul Sirisalee for Rolling Stone

For the Achy Pot Lover: Apothecanna Beauty Products

It's the chemical compounds called cannabinoids in marijuana that are the active ingredients, attaching to special receptors in humans to, among other things, relax our body and get us high. THC – the one that causes a euphoric feeling that most would recognize as being "stoned" – is the best known, but over the past few years, another cannabinoid called CBD has been getting a lot of attention. While this one doesn't get you high, it does help with things like inflammation and pain – and that's where Apothecanna comes in. Since 2013, the company has offered a line of calming, stress-reducing beauty products combining various levels of CBD with essential oils like peppermint, lavender and chamomile. Best part of this over-the-counter stress reducer? Unlike THC, the FDA considers CBD a dietary supplement, and is legal in all 50 states.

Apothecanna products available here starting at $12

UPDATE: On December 14th, the DEA announced that domestic production of all marijuana extracts – including CBD – fall under Schedule I classification. You can read more about what that will mean here. At this time, Apothecanna is still able to ship nationwide.  

Paul Sirisalee for Rolling Stone

For the Outdoorsy Pot Lover: the Nuggy

The novelty of the Nuggy makes it a great stocking-stuffer for any smoker, but the design – a weighted plastic triangle with eight useful attachments, from a roach clip to a dabbing nail – is ideal for any hiker's backpack. While it doesn't offer a grinder, the small pair of scissors can shred pot in a pinch. And for those sick of constantly searching for a paper clip to clear a pipe, the Nuggy has a handy pokey device as well as a small spade-like tool, perfect for scraping out a bowl.

Nuggy available here for $29.70

Paul Sirisalee for Rolling Stone

For the Health-Conscious Smoker: the Plazmatic Lighter

For years, the preferred way to get around inhaling butane with every puff was to carry around waxed hemp wick, light that off the lighter, then use the flaming wick to light your joint, pipe or bowl. But the Plazmatic lighter cuts out flames entirely, opting for a pair of electric beams that instantly hit 900 degrees to ignite anything in their path – or that even comes close. The devices are about the same size and shape as a Zippo, but instead of messy lighter fluid, the Plazmatic recharges via USB – and after just an hour on the charger, can go for 100 lights.

Plazmatic lighters available here starting at $30

For the Budding Entrepreneur: Subscription to Green Flower

Less than a month old, Green Flower is a website that bills itself as the "Netflix of pot," though it's probably better described as an online university for budding members of the green rush. Some content is free, but "insiders," as the site's members are called, have access to a growing number of video courses, from tutorials on cooking with pot and rolling a joint to deep dives into the difference between indica and sativa strains, marijuana legislation and how to smartly invest in cannabis businesses. Members also have access to a community message board where they can ask (and answer) questions about medical uses, legal policy and how to get the most out of pot.

Green Flower memberships available here for $18/month