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The 10 Most Infamous Murderers Who Married in Prison

Charles Manson might soon join Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez, the Menendez brothers, and other notorious killers in tying the knot while behind bars

Star and Charles Manson

Elaine 'Star' Burton and Charles Manson

Manson Direct/Polaris

When the news got out last week that 80-year-old convicted murderer Charles Manson and Afton Elaine "Star" Burton, the 26-year-old woman who runs his social media sites, have been granted a marriage license by the state of California, it caused a considerable uproar — especially among lonely singles who lamented their own inability to find love while ol' Charlie somehow got engaged without ever leaving the confines of Corcoran State Prison.

But as the saying goes, it's not you — it's them. While killing someone isn't a recommended way to attract a mate, it certainly does seem to work for some folks. Hybristophilia — the condition of being turned on by someone who commits a violent crime — has often been cited by psychologists as an explanation for why some women (and men) willingly marry jailbirds. If Manson does get hitched while rotting in prison, he certainly won't be the first convicted murderer to do so.

Angelo Buono

30 Oct 1979, Los Angeles, California, USA --- Original caption: 10/30/1979-Los Angeles, CA: "Hillside strangler" suspect Angelo Buono leaves Criminal Courts Building 10/30 after he pleaded innocent at arraignment to a 25-count felony indictment including 10 murders and a slate of sexual offenses. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS


Angelo Buono Jr.

Kenneth Bianchi's cousin and partner in the "Hillside Strangler" killings, Buono caught the eye of Christine Kizuka while she was visiting her husband and the father of her three children, who spent five months in a cell next to Buono at the Los Angeles County Jail while serving an 18-month stint for assault with a deadly weapon. Buono and Kizuka tied the knot at Folsom Prison in 1986, though prison officials emphasized at the time that the horrific nature of Buono's crimes (which included torture and sexual assault) disqualified him from enjoying any conjugal visits with his new bride.

Oscar Ray Bolin Jr.

Oscar Ray Bolin Jr., center, watches as the jurors walk into the courtroom Thursday, April 19, 2012 in Tampa. The jury found 50-year-old Bolin Jr. guilty of second-degree murder. Previous first-degree murder convictions and death sentences in the killing of 25-year-old Natalie Blanche Holley were overturned on appeal, so prosecutors this time went for the lesser charge. While receiving only a life sentence for Holley's murder, Bolin already has death sentences for the 1986 murders of 26-year-old Teri Lynn Matthews and 17-year-old Stephanie Collins. (AP Photo/The Tampa Tribune, Chris Urso, Pool)

Chris Urso/The Tampa Tribune/AP Photo

Oscar Ray Bolin Jr.

"Bolin the Butcher," who is currently on Death Row for the brutal mid-Eighties rapes and murders of three Florida women, scored a major coup of sorts in 1996, when he married (in a telephone ceremony) his erstwhile public defender. Rosalie Martinez, a mother of four and the wife of a prominent attorney when she first met Bolin, lost both her first husband and her position at the public defender's office after jail officials suggested she'd been caught in positions of a more compromising nature in the killer's cell.

Varg Vikernes

This picture taken on April 25, 1994 shows the leader of the black metal band Burzum, neo-nazi sympathizer and convicted murderer Kristian Vikernes, aka Varg, also known as Count Grishnackh. Varg Vikernes, and his wife, have been arrested and taken to custody in the Correze region of France on July 16, 2013. According to French Interior Minister Norwegian national is suspected of planning a massacre. His wife, Marie Cachet, a French national and a member of a shooting club, had recently legally purchased four rifles. AFP PHOTO/ SCANPIX - JOHNNY SYVERSEN (Photo credit should read Johnny Syversen/AFP/Getty Images)

Johnny Syversen/Getty

Varg Vikernes

Vikernes, the influential black metal musician behind one-man band Burzum, married and impregnated his wife Marie Cachet while serving 15 years of a 21-year sentence in a Norwegian prison for the killing of Mayhem guitarist Øsytein "Euronymous" Aarseth and the arson of several architecturally significant churches. Now living in France with their four children, Vikernes and Cachet were arrested in 2013 under suspicion of plotting a terrorist attack together, and the musician was ultimately found guilty in French court of inciting racial hatred against Jews and Muslims.