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Take Cover: Linkin Park’s ‘Burn It Down’

Rolling Stone’s Jenny Eliscu grades the YouTube stars covering today’s hot songs

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Ethan Miller/Getty

Chester Bennington of Linkin Park performs at The Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on January 10, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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YouTube Channel: XYRockTV

An alt-rock band from the French Riviera who claim Linkin Park and Nickelback as their biggest influences, X-Y shot two versions of "Burn It Down" — one with the full band and this one, with just vocals and piano. They do a respectable job with the harmonies and add a bit of atmosphere with their processed vocals, but it's otherwise a forgettable minute and a half.

Presentation: B+

Performance: B

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Shai Peled

YouTube Channel: BasementAlchemy

"One-man alternative rock YouTube band" Shai Peled loosens the song up in a rendition that sounds like Incubus covering Linkin Park. Peled does it all himself, layering guitar, bass, drums, keys, vocals and a sweet sounding xylophone. Though he starts it gently, Peled takes it to thundering heights and adds a bit of heart that's missing from even the original verison.

Presentation: A

Performance: A

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AJS and Rip Beat

YouTube Channel: AjsZen

Apparently AJS and his buddy Rip Beat really dig Linkin Park, because all five of the videos they've uploaded are split-screen covers of that band's tunes. They're all pretty awful karaoke-style renditions, but at least in this one they are amusingly committed to the performance.

Presentation: C

Performance: D

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Dylan Dunlap

YouTube Channel: MrDylanDunlapMusic

Sixteen year-old pianist Dylan Dunlap's rendition is somehow gloomy and jaunty at the same time, highlighting the strength of the melody while making it feel inordinately cheesier than it ought to. He's got a Broadway-friendly voice, and you could see him doing this version on American Idol and J.Lo loving it.

Presentation: B-

Performance: C+

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