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Take Cover: Katy Perry’s ‘Wide Awake’

Rolling Stone’s Jenny Eliscu grades the YouTube stars covering today’s hot songs

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Rolling Stone's Jenny Eliscu grades the YouTube stars covering today's hot songs

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Tim Whybrow

YouTube Channel: TwistedTim01

Not sure how this particular sensitive singer-songwriter dude amassed more than 19 million views for his YouTube clips, but why ask Whybrow? The video for his strummy version of "Wide Awake" looks more appealing than it sounds: Sitting on the lakeshore, surrounded by amber hues, Whybrow looks like a convincing troubador, but his husky voice – a little Billie Joe Armstrong, a little Chris Daughtry, a little Everlast – gets increasingly harder to listen to as the song proceeds.

Presentation: B+

Performance: C+

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